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Dodgers Fans React to Seeing Cody Bellinger in a Cubs Uni for the First Time

We all knew it was coming and sure enough, today was the day: the first time we would see Cody Bellinger sport another team’s jersey.

Back in December, the Cubs signed Cody Bellinger to a one-year deal with a $12.5 million salary and a $5 million buyout on a mutual option, bringing in a guaranteed $17.5 million.

Cody has spent all six of his years in the major leagues with the Dodgers but on Saturday, the former Los Angeles slugger was seen in a Cubs uniform for the first time.

An interesting sight for sure but also something we’ll just have to get used to. We asked the fans what they thought about the sight and here’s what they had to say:

As you can tell, there’s been a lot of mixed emotions about the departure of former MVP Cody Bellinger, especially after his past few years struggling at the plate. But once a Dodger, always a Dodger and we wish him the best of luck out in Chicago.

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Kristilyn Hetherington

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  1. A good dude,but batted .210 with 150 strike outs and once in a while makes a great defensive play.The Cubs are getting all of that for 17.5 million.Raise your son to be a baseball player!

  2. I wonder if they’ll be cheering for him like that if he continues on his same game path?

    1. They’re betting on a return to form. And they have Matt Mervis and Pete Crow-Armstrong waiting in the wings, highly regarded prospects acquired in the 2021 housecleaning.

      And to answer your question, the guy in charge now is Theo’s protegé and heir, Jed Hoyer. He has a timetable based on the expected development of players in their system.

  3. If he figures out how to hit a fastball he’ll do fine. If not he won’t last long !

  4. He sure had it figured out for a couple of seasons. He’s got that long-ass stroke, so he may have a hole in his swing inside. That’s what video analysis and coacing is for.

  5. Well, Thank you for Memories. He was a good player for a couple of years for the LA area.
    He was not the same after his Injury doing that celebratory High Five with the Forearm.
    We wish I’m luck. And who knows, The Dodgers might resign him if he gets back to that old form.

  6. I will miss Cody on the Dodgers . It was my favorite . Hope he will be happy and wish him the very best of luck !

  7. Nothing but warm welcomes from this side of the Stadium, hey it is what it is, I appreciate the fact that he even looked in the cubs direction. Welcome to Chicago COBELL Do you.

  8. He totally sucked the last few years, probably because of injuries. But you don’t win the WW with players who suck. Go stink it up for the Cubs. These guys are getting too much money to really give a total damn.

  9. Nonsense his injuries caused his troubles. Now healthy he’ll go back to hitting 40+ hrs 100+ rbis at least 290 average with gold glove. Dodgers loose this one big time

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