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Dodgers: Former GM Believes Starling Marte Should be a LA Target

On MLB Network Radio, former GM Jim Bowden said the Pirates and Dodgers should make a trade involving outfielder Starling Marte.

His rationale for that is the Dodgers are looking for a right-handed bat, even though they are reportedly looking for an upgrade and not just a righty.

“One thing we do know is Andrew Friedman wants a right-handed hitter. And although Betts and Lindor are on the top of his list, those are two really hard guys to trade for without giving up too much, and we know Andrew doesn’t like to give up too much.”

After saying Friedman doesn’t like to give up too much, Bowden said Alex Verdugo or Keibert Ruiz could be in the deal, seriously. He then settled on a package of Verdugo AND Ruiz for Marte and something — apparently without seeing how much that contradicts what he just said.

Bowden also mentioned the Dodgers could play Marte in centerfield while moving A.J. Pollock to left field. I guess he didn’t realize Pollock was already moved to left and Marte is a poor defender.

Last season, Marte hit .295/.342/.503 with 23 home runs, a 119 wRC+ and 3 wins above replacement in 123 games. He holds a career .287/.341/.452 slash with 108 home runs and a 116 wRC+.

A move for Marte makes little sense for the Dodgers. While he’s still a decent player, he just isn’t a big enough upgrade to trade for. He might be slightly better than Pollock, but unless they are trading Pollock, cash and a random minor leaguer, the cost would be too high.

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  1. No room for position players. What this team needs is a playoff starter to go with Buehler and a big time reliever. We can shore up those needs without giving up any prospects by just signing Cole and Betances

  2. The thought of dumping A Joke Pollock would be a dream, but no chance the Pirates want to take on the $50M owed to AJ for possibly one good year and a couple injury plagued half-ones at best.


  4. Verdugo is going to win a batting title. Plus if healthy puts up Marte numbers, this deal makes no sense.

  5. Bowden is an idiot and correct about once a decade and this is not it. Verdugo may some day win a batting title and or a silver slugger the young man can hit and is a plus defender. He is also good against lefties. Marte is just OK. I would not trade Marte for Verdugo straight across!!
    Pollock was and is an issue but I doubt they can move him with his injury problems and contract.

  6. Bowden shouldn’t drink before giving his already shaky opinions. I will take Verdugo over player mentioned straight up X 3. Alex is a legit big league/big hitter who will just get better. For him to be traded it better be for a WHOLE BUNCH more than that guy ! DO NOT trade Alex Verdugo, he has already shown himself to be a hell of a MLB player. Twice the player that AJ Pollock is and just gonna get better. Trade Pollock to anybody that will eat his absurd contract, nice signing andy friedman !!! Why does he love to sign guys with horrible injury history?, so if one of them comes through he looks like a genius. I think he looks like a young Jerry Lewis, Hey Laaaaaady !

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