Dodgers: Francisco Lindor Not Expected to be Traded, Says Indians President

It seems that one of the Dodgers’ primary targets this winter might not be as ‘on the block’ as has been reported by the media. According to Chris Antonetti, the president of the Cleveland Indians, the Indians are fully expecting star shortstop Francisco Lindor to be suiting up for the Indians on Opening Day.
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The Dodgers have not been in talks with the Indians on solely Lindor, according to multiple league sources. They have also shown an interest in right-handed starter Corey Kluber — who was dealt to the Texas Rangers this week — and Mike Clevinger.

“Our Shortstop”

We all know how this goes. While Chris Antonetti is saying that Francisco Lindor is ‘his shortstop’, we are not far removed from Farhan Zaidi saying Dee Gordon was ‘his second baseman’. Zaidi traded Gordon soon after.

“We are incredibly fortunate to not just have one of the best players in baseball, but one of the best people on our team. That’s such a great place to be in. Because he is such an attractive both player and personality, a lot of teams can place a call and it is our responsibility to at least listen to them. However, as I have said many times this offseason, our expectation is that Francisco will be our shortstop on Opening Day next year.”

Francisco Lindor is an attractive asset to every team in the majors and the Dodgers would be very fortunate to secure his services in Los Angeles.

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  1. Friedman has already stated that they feel good going forward with the team as constructed, and they can compete for a championship! After watching his reasoning, it makes sense now. As soon as opening day game gets underway, and Roberts hands the ump the lineup card, the Dodgers are officially competing .

  2. We’re not winning anything with the pitching as it stands today 12/16.
    If we don’t get 2 decent starters we’re not going to win by out slugging the other teams.
    We’ll go CHEAP again.

  3. I hope we don’t even make the playoffs. Spare us another embarrassment and spare yourselves. The players and fans can use a break. I’m tired of being at the center of another teams championship story.

  4. Still think we need a starting pitcher. However, what happens if we just decide to start the season with Dustin or Tony as the #5 starter? And see what happens. Gonsolin was really solid last season. And May has really electric stuff. They could even tag team. And see what shakes out. May could be a #1 or #2 starter. He needs a little seasoning at the MLB level. And Gonsolin could surprise. Just think of May like this. In Kershaw’s rookie year he started 21 games. Torre had him on a pitch count. He would pull him after 70-80 pitches no matter the inning or how well he pitched. He may have hit 90 pitches a couple times. He started to become efficient with his pitches and went longer in games as the season wore on. His second season the efficiency carried over and the rest is history. I say, if we cant sign or trade for a solid starter; let’s roll the dice.