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Dodgers Reportedly Not in on Kluber, Focusing on Francisco Lindor, Mike Clevinger

Despite reports earlier in the off-season that the Dodgers were interested in trading for Cleveland Indians ace Corey Kluber Jorge Castillo of the LA Times reported Sunday that the Dodgers’ interest in Kluber wasn’t really that deep. Kluber was traded to the Texas Rangers early on Sunday morning.

According to Castillo, the Dodgers are more zeroed-in on shortstop Francisco Lindor while also looking at right-handed pitcher Mike Clevinger.

The Lindor-Dodgers links don’t seem to be going away anytime soon, as this is likely their best shot at making a splash this off-season after missing out on both Gerrit Cole and Anthony Rendon.

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Clevinger would instantly boost the Dodgers already impressive starting rotation. He was Cleveland’s anchor after Kluber struggled with injuries that derailed his 2019 campaign. Clevinger thrived in his new role, posting a career-best ERA of 2.71 and 1.056 WHIP.

Just acquiring Lindor would be pricey for the Dodgers, who would likely have to part ways with both Gavin Lux and Dustin May. But adding in Clevinger would likely make LA have to place an even bigger bid than what was originally thought. Friedman is going to have to decide if the price is worth it to go all-in on chasing the Dodgers’ first World Series ring in 31 years.

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  1. Yeah Dodgers let another one get away, that’s my team,..
    and by the way,… don’t try to get our hopes up high, about Lindor & Clevinger,…we all ready know that, that’s NOT gonna happen,.. we need pitching & a power right handed bat!!! ,… and while we are talking about making the team better,… I suggest first thing’s first,…the biggest need,… OUT WITH FRIEDMAN & ROBERTS!!!

    1. Joe, I could not agree with ya more. You posted exactly what this team needs to improve, especially in what is their usual worst month of the year…October. But correct, this deal will not happen and even though Dodgers have re-set themselves for payroll flexibility to add elite talent, they will simply pocket the $$ except for what is going to the stadium renovations.

  2. One of two things happened here. Either the Dodgers made no offer and lied to fans again or CLE is just a major POS and wanted more from us than Texas. Even our worst offer had to have been better than what the rangers gave them. Terrible trade

    1. So, it isn’t Friedmans fault? Do you mean that GMs around the league make unrealistic demands of the Dodgers that they dont with other clubs? I think you may be on to something there! Anyway, our boys wouldn’t be in such desperate straits if they had just done their jobs and signed Cole. Of course there is the other school of thought, that no one wants to play under Robert’s or Friedman.

  3. Maybe sites like this are just here to be apologists for the team! We’ve been in on every single player and trade possible. Its as if every idea or source links the Dodgers to making some dramatic move. It appears to me the team is not in on anyone or ever intended to be. Friedman and kastens plan is to say ” see we tried”. At this point there is nothing left that would add the necessary players that would win us a ring! Anyone believing these con artists must be in the ” Russia” fairytail as well.

    1. Right on, Kirk. And as I say this yet again, even you know by what ya said here is all true:
      Some teams have what it takes….
      And the Dodgers FO just have excuses!

  4. I wouldn’t give up the farm for Lindor. Even with the ball jumping out of the park like crazy last year, Lindor had his worst season of his career. His OB% was a lowly .335 and only .333 against LHP (remember, the Dodgers need someone that will mash LHP). I mean, Puig did better against LHP last year than Lindor did. If Brad Hand is in the deal, perhaps it might address the Dodgers’ biggest need, but I don’t give up Lux and May for anyone but Arenado (who had a 1.027 OPS against them).

  5. There isn’t a good reason to pay a free agent pitcher past the age of 35. Do you really want to pay cole 36 million when he is 38 years old. I don’t fault the players, I always look ahead 2 years when trade talks and FA topics come up. The dodgers are going to have to pay bellinger, buehler, seager and muncy good money to stay with the team soon. Since the window is the next 3 to 4 seasons, then I’d like to see them trade Lux/May/Goslinger/Ruiz to get a top 2 pitcher and a power right handed bat. If they can include Pollock and Pederson, then even better

  6. Well, there’s no guarantee that Lux and May will ever be great, or even as good as Lindor and Clevinger already are. So I’d make the trade. But LA isn’t really interested in winning a WS, they’re interested in making $$$$. As long as they make the playoffs and keep the money rolling in, they’re happy. Keeping prospects rather than trading for stars accomplishes both objectives. Thinking they’ll suddenly change is foolish.

    1. Who buys a team for 2 billion dollars and doesn’t want to make money? Fans want a WS title, investors want money. Who buys anything, thinking of the other guy, and not themselves?

  7. You guys can forget about getting Mike Clevinger. The Indians are not rebuilding. They just traded Corey Kluber for players who have already started their service clocks. That means they’re trying to win this year, not reload the farm system for the future. Clevinger is an emerging ace with three years of control left. The price for him would be as high or higher than it is for Lindor, and all your GM talks about is what prospects he isn’t willing to trade. Sorry.

  8. Friedman would never pick up a emerging ace when he can resign hill knowing he will be on the d.l. and bring up the farm to win the world series!

  9. What would have been the similar player package given by the Dodgers for Kluber in this trade?
    (Comparing what the Rangers traded for Kluber)

  10. Indians fan here….I can tell you all with some near certainty that the ask for just Lindor with two years of control is huge. Lux/May plus some more. If it wasn’t both, Lindor would probably already be looking for an LA home.

    I don’t know how this changed to Lindor AND Clevinger…..but getting both is someone’s LAD wet dream which grew legs. It’ll never happen. Not because they can’t be traded together. But because, as someone said above, Clevinger’s value is just as high, if not higher, than Lindor’s.

    It’s too complicated. Five, six, seven players? Maybe even eight? There is no way Friedman gives up that many players to one team in any deal.

  11. I have to think that Kluber has physical problems. Otherwise, that would be a ridiculously one-sided trade. I can’t see giving up both Lux and May. A year ago the Wahoos wanted big names for Kluber. That was before the line drive that hit him and his other issues. Looks like another winter with nothing positive. We know what that will lead to in 2020.

  12. This team won 106 games this last season and 103 two seasons ago. No real reason to blow this team up. Cole would have been a great addition, but Houston had him for two seasons and did not win a World Series. There are no guarantees that come with free agents.
    The first goal is always to get to a WS and them after that it is a crap shoot. Anything can happen in a short series. The Dodgers have positioned themselves to be contenders for the foreseeable future and maintain a vibrant farm system. I believe that the FO is doing it’s best to win now without sacrificing the future. On the possible trade to Cleveland, has anyone seen the splits for Lindor when he bat right handed? Not exactly a stud. I am not too keen on him for that reason. He is a much better hitter from the left side which doesn’t help us a lot. And again there is no guarantee that he takes us to the promised land.

    1. Lindor’s career OPS right-handed is .857 and left-handed is .832. Did you only look at one year?

  13. There’s no way you give up Lux and May for
    2 years of Lindor. I would give up Lux and lesser prospects for Lindor alone. As a fifth wheel left handed batter in a lefty heavy line up Lux is expendable. May is not expendable given the current starting pitcher needs. If Cleveland wants to deal Lindor and Clevenger, then we could give up May as well since it would be pitcher for pitcher. Clevenger is very solid but like Lindor has limited years on his contract. The Dodgers need to pitch years of control at rookie salaries against the proven quality of Lindor and Clevenger at shorter years of control. But one thing is certain, the Dodgers need a top of the line starting pitcher, and a left side infielder who can hold his own against right handed pitching while improving the defense. They also need more bullpen help. Aquiring Treinen was a very good move, even though it wasn’t a block buster. But we need another one for the bullpen. Betances would be a good pickup. Hader is probably wishful thinking but would be a godsend by pushing Jansen to a set up role where he really belongs at this point. Is Cleveland wants too much, move Muncy to third, Turner to first, Lux to second, and just expect lower run production every time you go up against left handed pitching.

  14. While your miserly general manager clutches his prospects like an old woman’s pearls, your division-rival Padres have now entered the Lindor sweepstakes. They too have a good farm system, and are willing to move Tatis to CF to snag Lindor and keep your Dodgers from getting him. Aren’t you guys tired yet of being an also-ran every year? Fernando-mania was a long time ago. Are you really going to nix this deal over a minor league prospect?

    1. How’s that mega contract Machado thing working out so far? Didn’t the Padres end up dead last in 2019? If the Padres had been more miserly they would be much better off now without Machado. They still have a top five prospect farm system. Machado is just taking up space and wasting money. Within two years the Padres could challenge for the division. But it won’t be because of Machado or any other “superstar”. It will be because of guys like Tatis and Paddock, and others coming up each year.

  15. doubter: The Dodgers are never going to win a WS with this FO. They have no trigger finger and will never get the big players. Don’t even think you can contend with the Yankees, in fact you won’t even get to that point next year. Sad situation with a hedge fund making a ton of money off the base but never willing to acquire a player to put them over the top.

  16. 106 wins? LOL
    Post season appearances? LOL
    Seven straight NL West titles? LOL
    World Series appearance? LOL


    THAT is what the ownership is after and got.
    Cole, Lindor, Kluber, Rendon. They all mean nothing to the ownership.

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