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Dodgers’ Friedman Thinks Puig Might Need To Slim Down

The excitement surrounding Yasiel Puig’s bursting onto the scene was only matched by the numerous wagging fingers pointed his way as he lit the book of baseball’s unofficial rules on fire for all to see.

On one hand, he was as thrilling to watch as any young player we’d ever seen, on the other, he was the worst thing ever to happen to baseball since God knows when.

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So, as reports came out that he was feuding with teammates over how best to respect the game, he didn’t have much good will saved up among fans who were looking forward to his fall from grace.

Well, last year, injuries piled up and from grace Puig fell.

The Los Angeles Dodgers could desperately use the value he brings when he’s healthy, so Andrew Friedman shared his opinion on how best to make that happen.

Say what you will about Puig’s immaturity both on and off the field. That story has been written. I simply cannot emphasize strongly enough just how valuable Puig might be if healthy for 150 games at his contract rate. Compared to those of a couple of his out fielding counterparts, he’s an absolute steal out there – one any team would risk his off field issues for the chance at employing.

It’s good to see Friedman has thought some about how to help Puig stay healthy versus simply shipping him off as someone else’s problem. Now, it’s on Puig to find out if Friedman’s theory holds any water.

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