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Dodgers News: Friedman Says No Coaching Deals Are Done

Contrary to several reports, Andrew Friedman says no deals have been actually hammered out as of Monday afternoon.

It was previously believed Rick Honeycutt had a deal in place to be the Los Angeles Dodgers’ pitching coach another couple years, but the team president said otherwise.

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Several reporters had reported this, but this was Friedman’s best quote. (He calls Honeycutt “Honey”, which is just adorable)

I had previously felt that continuity would be important as the Dodgers transition from one manager to another, and still feel that way. Pitching was by no means the Dodgers’ main issue last season – at least not starting pitching.

Unless the Dodgers are positive the pitching coach they might bring in gives them an upper hand in either re-signing Zack Greinke or signing a high-caliber replacement for Greinke, it just doesn’t seem worth it to try to fix that issue when there are so many questions elsewhere throughout the organization.

Friedman’s quote does speak to a couple things, though. First, the rumor mill typically cannot be trusted, even if several reporters are confirming the same “news”. Second, Friedman does not like when news gets out ahead of his schedule.

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