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Dodgers: Giants’ Mauricio Dubon Appears to Mock Trevor Bauer During Homerun Trot on Sunday

It was not an ideal start for the Dodgers and Clayton Kershaw on Sunday afternoon. Looking to split the 4-game series with the Giants and get bak on track, San Francisco came out swinging and put up 3 runs in the first inning. 

Part of that 3-run start came from a 2-run shot by shortstop Mauricio Dubon. He crushed a ball off of the foul pole in left and put the Dodgers in a hole early on. But it’s what he did as he crossed home plate that caught the attention of fans and media in Los Angeles. 

Dubon appeared to mock Dodgers starter Trevor Bauer with his sword celebration after crossing home. Bauer notoriously did it against the Giants last weekend in San Francisco after a big strikeout. It did not go over well with Giants fans or with their broadcasters. 

We’ll let you be the judge of it, but it certainly appears to have some intention behind it. Sort of odd considering he hit the homerun off of Clayton Kershaw and not Trevor Bauer, but you do you. The Dodgers did not appear to take any issue with it on the field, nor did the broadcast crew.

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The Dodgers are in danger of falling even further behind in the standings to the Giants, who are currently a game up on Los Angeles for 2nd place. The Padres were down 6 runs to the Astros as of the writing of this post. It’s going to be a close one in the NL West this year.

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  1. Doesn’t matter who mocked who. The dodgers have no business losing to the giants. It’s a simple matter of an overachieving team besting an underacheiving one. The dodgers better get their sh!t together or they won’t be defendung anything but their excuses.

  2. Lineup is really bad. Too many K’s and runners left on base. Padres and Giants lineup looks much better because they hit in the clutch.

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