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Dodgers: Mookie Betts Scratched Late From the Game Sunday Afternoon

At some point, Dodgers fans are going to start worrying about the health of Mookie Betts. The superstar outfielder has gone through a lot this year, getting hit hard by pitches and battling through a back issue.

Betts was already out of the Dodgers lineup on Saturday due to a scheduled rest day. He was supposed to be back in the lineup on Sunday, and he was penciled in on the initial lineup card. But the team announced just about an hour before game time that he would be scratched.

Dave Roberts revealed that Betts was dealing with some very bad allergy issues. Apparently, it was so severe that the Dodgers outfielder had some issues getting his eyes opened up. They obviously felt it was best to have him sit out the final game of the series.

Unfortunately, this is becoming a bit of a trend for the Dodgers and Mookie Betts. He sat out 2 games last weekend as well after a scheduled off day as they’ve played it very safe with him all year. Given the number of injuries, they’ve had to endure, it makes sense that they would want to be cautious with him.

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The Dodgers put Albert Pujols into the lineup and first base and slid Matt Beaty over to right field with the Betts scratch. 

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  1. Calling BS here. Take a claritin and get in there. The Dodgers are concealing something much bigger. Not sure what it is but the way they’re consistently cryptic with injuries it wouldn’t surprise me at all to read tomorrow that Betts will be undergoing surgery for a bad back or shoulder. He hasn’t looked good since the jump and something’s up

    1. Totally agree here about the Dodgers being criptic about injuries and it’s time for both the team and Mookie to come clean and do whats necessary to save his season and put him on IL and find out the real issues here.

  2. This is why log term contracts really suck. Players are awesome for a few years and as they age you are stuck with them and no one wants them! Giancarlo Stanton is a prime example.

  3. This is why this was never a good deal. The Dodgers could just as easily won last year without him. Now they are saddled with this massive contract which is going to become an albatross at some point. Small players don’t usually do well in their 30s. Even when Mookie becomes average the contract will become a burden. These injuries are only accelerating the problem. Currently the Dodgers are way over the luxury tax outspending every team. What good is a good farm system if you spend like this? Terrific players are coming up on free agency and arbitration soon. Are the Dodgers going to spend $400 million a year on salary? They gave up a very good rightfielder, a terrific 2nd base prospect and good catching prospect to take on Mookie’s contract demands. This doesn’t look like a good deal in any universe.

  4. Sorry Stick have to disagree about winning without Betts.Those defensive game saving catches throughout the playoffs were incredible. No other members on that roster makes those. Betts also was hitting the ball, stealing bases ,scoring runs from third on contact. There’s no way the Dodgers win 2020 without his talent.

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