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Dodgers Giveaways: Hello Kitty Night 2019 Announced at Dodger Stadium

Folks – if you’re excited about the various bobblehead nights the Dodgers are rolling out this season – I hope you’re seated for this post.

Last year, the Dodgers made Hello Kitty Night a sensation at Dodger Stadium in August. Now, the promotion is returning to Chavez Ravine just as summer ends. Perhaps there is no bigger thrill for a youngster then to combine Hello Kitty with Dodgers baseball.

On Tuesday, September 3rd, the Dodgers welcome the division-rival Colorado Rockies to the park. While we don’t know who is pitching that night, we know the stadium giveaway from the organization.

Pictured on the Hello Kitty official twitter account is the Dodgers Hello Kitty Blanket that you will receive if you purchase tickets at this link.

Obviously, Hello Kitty was a huge hit in 2018. Props to the team for bringing back this night which keeps in mind the younger generation. Remember, the Dodgers said in the offseason they wanted to ‘revolutionize show business’ in the 2019 season.

Ownership said within that article that they wanted to create a way to connect with the younger fan. With this promotion, the Dodgers have creatively accomplished that.

Someone snag me one of those blankets, please?

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