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Dodgers Go 0-3 at the Winter Meetings, Donaldson and Bumgarner on the Radar? | Blue Heaven Podcast

The Dodgers struck out at the winter meetings, at least in the eyes of most fans. Walking away with their tails between their legs and only Blake Treinen in tow, what comes next for Los Angeles?

On today’s show:

  • Gerrit Cole and Anthony Rendon: NOT Dodgers!
    • Reactions to Cole’s Deal and ALMOST Dodgers deal
  • What’s Next for LA? (Lindor, Pitching, Etc)
  • Nolan Arenado Rumors Swirling
  • Madison Bumgarner….What The Hell
  • Josh Donaldson In The Mix?


First up, we have to recap what went terribly wrong for the Dodgers at the winter meetings. Friedman and company goes 0-3 on the big names; shocking everyone with both a $300M offer to Cole and nothing to Rendon.

Of course, it wasn’t all terrible as LA came away with one potentially premium name in Blake Treinen.

Nevertheless, the wonder is ‘what comes next for the Dodgers?’ Francisco Lindor has been mentioned often, but could one of Josh Donaldson, Nolan Arenado, or Kris Bryant sneak into the picture.

Still, the team needs pitching, and while Dellin Betances and Josh Hader have been linked, Clint focuses on Madison Bumgarner, much to the chagrin of Brook and Gary.

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  1. As usual they let a great free agent in Rendon get away! Do not go after Donaldson. Strikes out too much and is a hot head. They better get another hitter as everyone else is improving. You can’t sit on your hands.

    1. Howard32, Rendon most likely did not want to come to the Dodgers because of how the team is managed (shuiffling players all over the place, R-L-R-L matching up all the time) and especially because of Roberts.

  2. and yet…all I have been reading is that Dodgers and Friedman are “interested” in such and such player or deal but haven’t done jack sh*t! Oh of course, it’s not even spring training yet and we should be patient. Hope he doesn’t pull a fred claire and tommy lasorda and trade a Pedro Martinez-Mike Piazza type of player!

  3. and yet…all I have been reading is that Dodgers and Friedman are “interested” in such and such player or deal but haven’t done jack! Oh of course, it’s not even spring training yet and we should be patient. Hope he doesn’t pull a fred claire and tommy lasorda and trade away Pedro Martinez-Mike Piazza type of player!

  4. Geez the foolishness of people. The Dodger’s went 0-1 not 0-3. Cole was the only guy they wanted and i’m thankful again for Friedman being smart and not giving a foolish contract. You cry babies no nothing about the business side of the game.

    Fans whined and cried over the past few years for the signings of to name a few. Darvish, Morrow, Price, Greinke. Kimbrel, Hamels ,Arrieta. Not including the position players I could name 15 ofl, but all of those were horrible contracts the teams are regretting. Look at the current state of the Cubs and Red Sox. Falling fast w a depleted minor league system. The Dodgers currently have one of the top 3b’s in baseball and a stud heir apparent in minors 2-3 years away. Love Rendon, but not needed at that cost. Strasburg and Cole signed til 38 at 35ish mil per season? How has paying any pitcher not named Scherzer or Smoltz past 35 worked out? Don’t see any of the names that begged and cried for those previous signings gone wrong, saying they were wrong. Nope, I see the same names still crying for more mistakes. I don’t see of those same names giving praise to a salary dump, while also stealing 2 top 8 prospects in our system from the Reds. Both all-star potential caliber players. Instead you uneducated, MLB Tap hero’s cry and cry and cry without 90% knowing what your talking about. How would any of you like a guy off the street that’s never done your job posting publicly what an idiot you are and how bad you are at what you’ve done for the past 20 years? That guy would look pretty stupid right? Well so do the majority on here that do the exact same thing. If you don’t like being a fan of a team that’s won 7 straight division titles, 4 NL pennants, and 106 games last year, PLEASE go be a Yankees fan and let the rest of fans enjoy. I personally am very grateful to have the management we do and get to celebrate my teams victory about a 100x a year.

    1. You can’t spell basic words so I doubt you know anything either and those two teams you mentioned won a World Series bet you there’s zero regret from them or the fans but go ahead and try to say that to them they’d laugh in your face. Also we haven’t won 4 pennants we’ve won 2 and they were World Series losses. I laugh at how much you praise these players as if they’ve ever brought a title back to LA or our farm who have also never done anything yet you assume they will

  5. Not wanting Rendon enough to make a strong offer is even dumber that not being competent enough to finalize a deal.

  6. Put Rendon’s numbers beside Bellinger’s numbers and ask yourself about that MVP thing again. And we could of had both of them.

  7. Cry, Cry, Cry. Every year somebody has to cry. Even myself. If it’s not for letting someone go, it’s for not picking somebody many liked. Hey! It happens. Not just to the Dodgers but to many teams. Some get lucky and get the good ones, others get nothing or the worse of the lot. And there are some that everyone thought was no good but has a spectacular year. The Dodgers do well, better than most but just fall short in the end. I don’t know what in tarnation happens to the team or teams but I’ve seen guys talk like they really want to win it all but something tells me that some of them just don’t care in the end. Like they say I reached my goal this year, I don’t have to prove anything else. I’m old, I’ve seen a lot of ball games and a lot of players and usually, when I smell a rat I find him.

    1. That’s very interesting I’ve wondered how much some of them want it. Are they just career guys? Guys who just play for their yearly goals and don’t really see the importance of October because winning a World Series isn’t something they absolutely need for themselves? Maybe most of them do want it but because there’s so much talent they just think it’ll happen but don’t know how to go about doing it. If everyone is just sitting waiting for the big moments then there’s no one that’s actually going to do it

  8. Championship or no championship. 106 wins or 80 wins 3.8 million tickets sold. That is what the FO looks at.

  9. Paul, did you watch the Lakers end the Heats home winning streak, and set a all time Lakers record to begin a season last night? Wanna go watch a winning L.A. org.? Forget the Dodgers bud. They aren’t interested in championships, just money. Be grateful L.A. has a org commuted to its fans and heritage. The Dodgers will give us nothing but empty pockets and failure. The Dodgers have a complete disconnect with their fans by lying to them. I will not support their lying thieving b.s. any longer!

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