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Dodgers: Hairston Not Concerned with Astros Cheating Scandal When it Comes to Verlander

Hearing the word Astros will put a damper on a Dodgers fans mood while bringing in top talent to win ball games takes precedent over any lasting judgement. Among the names the Dodgers may consider adding to their roster is Justin Verlander.

Carlos Correa has also been linked to the organization and was a catalyst in the sign stealing scandal. Despite the history, Correa may be welcomed with open arms but Verlander presents less of an issue.

Verlander was apart of the team, but Jerry Hairston Jr. on SportsNetLA’s Access Dodgers thinks Verlander’s involvement with the cheating is far less vicious than the position players.

“Position player and pitcher, totally different. Pitchers aren’t aware of what’s going on, really, when it comes to swinging the bat, what kind of signs are given in the dugouts, on the field. So I would say you give a pass to a guy like a Justin Verlander because all he really cares about is taking the ball and shutting down the opposition. That’s all his thought process is.”

The position players gained the most advantage in comparison to Verlander just doing his job from the mound.

“It’s not a position player where they’re in the middle of it, in the hitters’ meeting, ‘this is what we’re going to do to make sure we have the advantage.’ So this is definitely apples to oranges here. Correa and Verlander, they’re not in the same universe when it comes to something like this.”

Verlander will come with his baggage, but the connections between Verlander and the Dodgers possibly coming together shows the team is willing to look past the scandal. Verlander’s talents are clearly there, but how much will the Dodgers be willing to pay to bring in the aging star?

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  1. He is 40 years old. That is a big red flag. Remember what happened to Sherzer & Kershaw this year. Oh yeah, they were both on the IL for extended periods. Instead of a quick fix, we should try to get pitchers that are not old and prone to injury. Just saying.

  2. Dodgers need to sign CC! It’s already been a few years since the scandal and fans need to move on. I doubt any fans will be complaining if CC comes up clutch in the postseason and brings LA a ship.

    1. Well, I am not a bigtime fan of Gavin Lux as shortstop. Yes he was hitting close to 300 early last season, but as the season progressed that batting average dropped significantly. He might be the cheap shortstop alternative, but lets remember that Trea Turner gave us a ton of consistent production. Just saying.

  3. Baggage? Obligating $40 Mil to one player for at least 2 years is a ton of baggage when there are cheaper alternatives out there.

  4. What really kills me about fans is when they come with this (GET OVER IT S!@T). Like really bruh…get over it. I guess if it wasn’t there team they got the authority to say stuff like that. That’s like telling a person @fter hearing your mother or father died…get over it. Very disrespectful…I been a die hard fan ever since I was 14yrs old. Now I’m 48.

  5. I would like proof and explanation on how anyone could cheat in the WS. With all the noise, scrutiny and constant changing of signs it seems impossible. It has been an overblown media driven story. Cole said he never saw or heard anything. I’m guessing Verlander never did either.

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