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Dodgers Rumors: Insider Reveals Delay in Clayton Kershaw Signing

It’s been three weeks since the news broke that Clayton Kershaw would be returning for a 16th season with the Dodgers. Since then, it’s basically been radio silence, and Kershaw’s contract with L.A. still isn’t official. beat writer Juan Toribio put out a call for mailbag questions on Twitter, and Brenden asked what we all want to know:

Toribio’s answer in his newsletter is reassuring:

It is strange that Kershaw’s re-signing hasn’t become official, but I’m told nothing is wrong. It’s just a delayed physical. The veteran left-hander will be a Dodger next season.

There’s no real reason to rush the signing, other than to make fans feel better. If Kersh and the team are both 100% sure he’s returning, that’s all that matters. You could even make a case that they should wait until the start of spring training to finalize the signing to save a roster spot, placing Walker Buehler on the 60-day IL once spring training starts and replacing him with Kershaw, but the team currently has quite a bit of flexibility on their 40-man roster so that might not be a concern.

Either way, it’s good to hear confirmation that Kershaw will, indeed, be back in blue in 2023. Let the future Hall of Famer enjoy his holiday season and get the contract done whenever it’s convenient.

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  1. Whenever a “physical” is the issue with a player who has most recently been on a team, I always wonder why. In this case, I find it hard to believe there is ANYTHING the Dodger training and medical staff doesn’t already know about Kershaw. Unless they haven’t been doing their jobs for the past decade and a half. I get that it’s probably a contractual thing, but still.

  2. They do this for good reason. They did it with JT last time. Agree on the contract but leave the roster spot open. There are probably other good reasons that only someone as smart as Friedman has figured out. BTW, Kershaw and Friedman are being very professional, trusting, collegial and friendly. They are cooperating on a strategy that helps their team!

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