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Dodgers: Hall of Fame Slugger Frank Thomas Really Wants Justin Turner to Get a Ring

Justin Turner might be one of the most beloved names in Los Angeles over the last decade. Dodgers fans have certainly grown to adore him and all that he’s done for both the team and the community. 

Turner was taken on a minor league deal by the Dodgers with almost no risk attached to him. Signed just a little before he turned 30-years-old, JT was running out of options for his baseball career. But it’s back home in Los Angeles where he really started to find himself. 

Now 6 years later, Turner is playing in his third World Series with the team. He’s their franchise leader in postseason hits, and he has more highlight reel moments than anyone could ever hope to gather for a franchise as storied as the Dodgers. But what he does not have is a World Series ring.

Talking before Game 2 of the World Series, Hall of Fame slugger Frank Thomas had nothing but good things to say about Turner. But more than anything, he just wanted the Dodgers infielder to finally get what he deserves. 

He’s become the captain of this team because he’s very consistent. And we’ve seen it mightily in October over the last 5 years. Clutch hits clutch defensive plays, they’ve always been able to count on RedTurn2. He’s a positive guy, love talking to him, and I wish he could get his ring because he deserves it at this point. 

Add in the fact that the Dodgers were cheated out of a World Series in 2017 and you really start to feel for the guy. Justin Turner, Clayton Kershaw, and Kenley Jansen are all guys you feel like the team needs to go out and get a ring for. Let’s make it this year. 

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  1. Go Dodgers!!!!
    Play hard…you got this!!!
    – from a die-hard Yankee fan of 65 yrs.

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