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Dodgers: Hanser Alberto’s Celebration Carries Special Meaning

The Dodgers have to be one of the most fun teams to watch celebrate on the basepaths. Over the last few years, we’ve seen several different changes to the way they celebrate with teammates from afar. That includes the ‘barrels are overrated’ hands as well as the ‘dunk on them’ head pat around the bases. 

But this year, the Dodgers seem to have a dedicated celebration guy in Hanser Alberto. We already got to see the pepper grinder thing that didn’t last long, but Alberto brought a new thing this year. It’s some sort of hang loose hand movement, or shaka, whatever you want to call it. 

The Dodgers used it heavily last night in the 9-1 win over the Giants. That includes Mookie Betts as he circled the bases on a homerun. See for yourself. 

After the game, Alberto was asked about the celebration. The Dodgers infielder said that it was something that he had picked up back in Winter Ball during the 2020 season. It’s meant to represent switching things up in the game. 

“Switch it up. In 2020 in Winter Ball, we were winning the final three games to one, and we lost it. They came from behind, and won all three games in a row. So then last year, I went to the team and said, ‘Every time we get a hit, we switch it up. So I brought it here and now everybody does switch it up.”

So there you have it Dodgers fans. Everyone always wants to know the meaning behind their celebrations, and sometimes they don’t want to share. But this one is probably going to be something that you see a lot this year. 

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  1. In Hawaii, people have used that hand gesture since the 1950’s. It was created by a local guy with a big personality like Hanser. It has many meanings as a greeting, a send off, appreciation, sending more power to you, The MANA (spirit or energy) of the SHAKA is prevalent and accepted by all of Hawaii for decades.

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