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Dodgers Have a Night For the Record Books

Last night against the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Dodgers found their momentum and could not be stopped. With a final of 22-1 in the Dodgers’ favor, let’s go through some of those big plays.

The first inning was full of action with five runs scored, including a Belli bomb. Cody Bellinger hit a two-run home run towards right field and Max Muncy scored, but that was just the beginning…

In the bottom of the second, Justin Turner got his first career grand slam.

Don’t worry, there is so much more. Mookie Betts hit a grand slam too, totaling nine grand slams for the Dodgers this season.

Later on in the game, when the score was 20-1 and everyone thought it was over, Albert Pujols hit a two-run home run and made everyone remember who he is. It was his second bomb of the night. Pujols now has 675 career home runs.

For anyone who did not get to watch this game, here is what you missed. In total, Cody Bellinger, Justin Turner, Mookie Betts, and Zach McKinstry all hit one home run, alongside A.J. Pollock and Albert Pujols with two home runs. There were so many scoring plays last night so it can be hard to keep up. They also broke a new record in Major League Baseball.

Overall, the Dodgers officially made history against the Diamondbacks and now they can use their break to get back on track for the Road to Repeat.

The two clubs match up one more time before the start of All-Star week in Colorado.


  1. Ok, so everyone knows that the Dodgers will score 1 one in this afternoon’s game, right? At least that’s the way it’s been going anyway.

    1. yes, that is the norm across all baseball — struggle to score after a big game. and the Dodgers were true to form today, scoring only 1 — until the 8th inning, when they suddenly woke up.

  2. Last night was fun (if you’re a Dodgers fan.) Let’s keep moving forward and win again this afternoon…whether that be by 1 run or 21. Go Dodgers!

  3. With all of the issues that the Dodgers have been going through.It was fun attending last nights historical game.Let’s get on the positive track!

        1. Correct, but Dodgers have also had big scoring games against better teams on occasion as well. Maybe not 22 runs They had an 11 run game against the Giants earlier this year.

  4. Let’s stay positive people. For once let’s at least enjoy this game because it has been a long time we, Dodgernation, witnessed this kind of game. We have all built up frustrations for weeks and finally they broke out of their’s. Finally had a clean game all around for not only the offense, but the D was sound, and Buehler was dominating even against the D- Backs. Just finish the job, win the series and then rest up, recoup, and reboot for the 2nd half.

    1. Why? Because he was the one that got the 1st hit of the game against Snell and knocked him out of the game in that infamous 6th inning of the WS. He then scored the tieing run on a passed ball that gave the momentum back to the Dodgers. He caught a flawless game w/ various pitchers and called a perfect close out for Urias to finally win the World Series. Yeah, presently he’s not doing so good, but at least recently he saved Buehler from giving up a HR by being alert and observant on the bench. I guess that’s why he’s still on the team. wink, wink.

    2. Even though he doesn’t throw out many base speakers, his game calling and I guess pitch framing is another reason and basically catches CK most of the time. He can play 2B as well. But again, remember he’s hitting in front of the pitcher, unlike last year with a DH, he batted 9th in front of Betts the lead off man.

    3. because he’s a far better catcher than Will Smith – that’s why. Dodgers are built for strong pitching and defense up the middle. Smith will ride the pine in the playoffs this fall as well.

  5. The Dodgers have disappointed me in more ways than one this year. So with last night’s win, really did not mean all that much to me. So they scorched AZ?!? If they did this against the Gnats, I would be a little more impressed and certainly more amused. But c’mon, don’t fool yourself, the way this season is going and with by far more downs than ups, this is just a win to me.

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