Dodgers Hire Andrew Friedman, Ned Colletti Promoted

[new_royalslider id=”97″] After the disappointing end to the Los Angeles Dodgers season in the NLDS, it was rumored that the team would be making changes to the front office.

Many believed that Ned Colletti’s days as general manager would be coming to an end and that manager Don Mattingly could also be on the hot seat. One name that was floated around as a potential replacement for Colletti was Tampa Bay Rays’ GM Andrew Friedman.

According to Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times, Friedman is heading to Los Angeles:

Friedman has been with the Rays since 2004 and was serving as Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations and GM.

According to Ramona Shelburne of ESPN, Friedman received a promotion in his transition:

Along with the hiring of Friedman, the Dodgers also kept Colletti in the front office, but in a different capacity:

Friedman will be free to hire his own GM under his new title. There is no word as to whether the Dodgers will be making a move at manager. Rumors have circulated that Friedman could bring Rays manager Joe Maddon to the Dodgers. Maddon is considered one of the best managers in the big leagues.

The Dodgers were able to get Friedman to leave his spot in Tampa Bay after a few teams failed to do so in recent years. The newest face in the front office will have more money than he did in Tampa Bay and more resources to draw from.

Vincent Samperio

Vince is currently the Associate Editor and Social Media Manager for Dodgers Nation. Hailing from San Pedro, CA and a student at Cal State Long Beach, Vince has previously written for the Daily 49er and LASF Magazine.


  1. Joe Maddon totally Yeah! What s senor adviser?

    Colletti Promoted
    Colletti Promoted
    Colletti Promoted Senor adviser?

    1. Maddon is NOT coming to the Dodgers…he stated as much yesterday..and Mattingly is NOT being fired….that was stated yesterday too….so stop all your dreaming

        1. seems to me that last year the Dodgers beat the Braves in the first round in DM’s first trip to the dance….Hanley’s injury is what kept them out of the series….so your statement is false…


  2. I guess you really can lead the team with the highest payroll into the playoffs, get ousted to the Cardinals yet again and you get promoted. Somehow Stan Kasten has to be kicking himself for taking on so much in payroll. Not that he and Magic Johnson didn’t open up their wallets but seriously! This is like watching the Yankees throughout the 2000’s build up their payroll and not produce. Ok they were competitive and won one title but frankly that was it. This team is built to make the playoffs and that’s it. The Cardinals, Royals and Giants have built up through their draft picks and “key” acquisitions. Where as the Dodgers have how many home grown players on their roster!?? Don’t worry…I’ll wait! Three starters in Matt Kemp, Clayton Kershaw and Dee Gordon. This roster needs a shake up and big time. Not too big but big enough to see changes. Corey Seager, Joc Pederson and Clint Robinson are just a few minor leaguers who deserves to be playing every day. So much talent and wasted in the minors. Ethier and Crawford have to go. They will get playing time elsewhere but this team has to get younger. Hanley is injury prone and only really affective when he is healthy. Bring in a 3rd basemen and move Puig to a left field. Put Seager at SS, Pederson in CF.

    1. I think the Dodgers have the right set of mind, the issue with the big name players they got since the purchase of the team, was to gain some time while they build from within, and that takes at least a few years.
      I think we will see a few changes next year. Ethier and Crawford, agree, have to go, along with Uribe, and Hanley.

      1. Uribe is signed through next year….and is the best defensive 3B on the team if not in the league…….Hanley is a free agent if not tendered,,,,,,,,and Crawford has 4 years left on his contract at 62 million….now who in the world do you think is going to trade for him????? Ethier is not all that easy to move either……56 mil left…..Dodgers have to eat maybe 45 mil of that to get a taker…sooooooooo..you have time for the kids to develop…

      2. There will be takers for Ethier in the American League for a DH and part time OF. Crawford too. I still think they could get rid of Crawford but they will eat a good chunk of his contract. Like I said if Uribe can come off the bench and have Turner in the lineup every day at third, I think it will sure up a lot with a better bat in the every day lineup. Turner hit .372 when he started. Gordon needs to continue working on his defense. Then a replacement for Hanley at SS. Get Cabrera from the Nats. I think he is a free agent. Way better defensive upgrade than Hanley. Maybe look for a good trade for someone. Possibilities are there. And with Friedman in there and not Colletti, even better.

    2. OK…..Seager has never played above AA ball…….Pederson was NOT impressive during his call up…..you forgot, Jansen, Frias, Garcia, Withrow, Baez, Rojas, .Crawford had the highest BA of any of the OF’s..Ethier was a total loss and will get moved….Puig is considered home grown and so is Guererro and Arruebarrenna..With the contracts they have…..you will be hard pressed to trade any of the OF without eating salary. Clint Robinson is 29 years old and was a free agent signing. He would never start over A Gone…..

      1. I admit fault cuz I should have said position players. Yes I know Seager never got above AA and Pederson wasn’t exactly impressive in his stint when called up but they both can rake and that’s been proven. Pederson was sitting on the bench for days and pinch hit but a few times. And he started all but two or three times. Given another year, they both can be ready to play every day in the show. Puig wasn’t really a home grown talent. Considering they put all that money into power and arm alone, then had to rush him up. He’s not a “5 tool” player like most people like to claim. However he’s going to have growing pains until he actually figures out how to adjust. Only they take the good with the bad. We all seen what a healthy Kemp can do. Along with Puig and maybe Pederson or Crawford, yeah we could have a strong outfield. Scott Van Slyke is a good player too. He deserves to have his time out there also and not just come off the bench. I say since Uribe is here for another year, bring him off the bench and sign someone. I think Hanley is done in L.A. Unless he is willing to take less money, I say let him go. Changes need and will be made. With Beckett’s money off the books, I don’t see Billingsley ever coming back, Dan Haren, Paul Maholm, Kevin Correia, Roberto Hernandez and Chris Perez should be gone too, See how Zack Lee pitches in spring training, sign another starter, another bat in the lineup and find bullpen help.

        1. Good points, but raking in the minors is not raking in the bigs..I have been watching this team since I was 5 years old…and I can name dozens of great minor league bats who never panned out in the bigs…..Seager is a lot more selective than Pederson, so I give him a larger chance of success….Guererro seems to have a live bat and could be a force….But Uribe is getting starter money…and has never been one to be a bench player…given his age and contract, one more year is a small price to pay to have him hold the position down until Seager is ready Ethier and Ramirez are the best bets to be gone….they will probably offer Han Ram the 1 year deal to see if he can stay healthy….Puig is just now 23…a work in progress…..he will get better…..Pederson needs to cut down on his K’s if he has any chance of being a force on this team….Lee so far is a bust,,,,,Reed has passed him and the kid they drafted this year,,,,Holmes I think is his name…was pretty impressive…

          1. Lee I think could be more a bullpen guy than a starter. But with Baez, Rodriguez, Powell and Garcia there already, I don’t see them rushing to move him from the minors. Yes I’ve seen Reed pitch and that kid has some stuff. Along with Julio Urias…damn that is one cool kid with heat! He punched out some great minor league prospects in the All-Star game! Chris Anderson, Grant Holmes, Tom Windle and Chris Reed are all coming along. They could hopefully have some good outings in Arizona Fall League and spring training. There are some good free agents available this offseason. With Billingsley having a 3M buyout and Correia, Maholm, Hernandez, Haren and Perez coming off the books, there is some money available to get a few more pieces in a healthy pitching market. Just have to wait and see what Friedman, Colletti and Kasten do with the money. Any bets they go after Scherzer? 🙂

          2. Haren will exercise his option……guys with contracts in the pen,,,Jansen, Wilson, League, Howell, ,,,,,Withrow will not be ready until the all star break if then, Rodriguez Baez, Garcia all are under control for a few more years…..Wright, Perez, and the 3 starters you mentioned probably not back….they could buy out Bills, which seems likely and bring him back with an incentive filled contract…Frias also a possibility to be a swingman out of the pen….Do not forget Urias…even though he is still a kid….he will make an impact soon….doubt they would go after a high dollar arm like Max…..but back of the rotation guy to slide in behind the front 3…..yes……but it remains to be seen who becomes GM and what they do for C and SS and unloading at least 1 of the OF’s

          3. There are many issues to address about different players. Who should stay or who should go. They have to address the back end of the rotation, middle bullpen, SS, C and 3B. I know everyone says Uribe is going to be there but when it comes down to it, the production from third and behind the plate are where they need to improve. every day. Outfield is ready to implode if they don’t get a handle on it now and soon. Moves will be made and not everyone will be happy. I’m hearing the first one of the outfields to be shopped will be Ethier. Yankees and Orioles are rumored to be interested in his bat. I see him going to the AL to extend his career. That will free up some money but not enough to get some one like Scherzer. There are some quality pitchers available for 4th and 5th starters, even a 6th to help out just in case. Can never have too many pitchers. Watching this team on the brink of something great fall apart is frustrating but again watching a world series with our rivals there and us not is yet another dagger in the heart. Hope someone reads this and realizes that this team is that close but not enough “chemistry” to put them over the top.

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