Dodgers: How Many Home Runs Might Cody Bellinger Hit in 2020?

Cody Bellinger had an absolutely amazing 2019 season that ended up with him winning the National League Most Valuable Player Award. One of the reasons for the MVP award was his 47 home runs which exceeded his career high by 8. After Bellinger’s monster bomb against the A’s a few days ago, we asked you all a question:

Some Not-So-Positive Responses


This is quite possible. His strikeout totals over his 3-year career are 146 in his rookie season, 151 in his 2018 “sophomore slump,” and only 108 in 2019. The good news is that the low of 108 Ks came in the same season he hit his career-high in home runs.

Below is a bit of a counter opinion. He could be going for a higher batting average which would mean more contact but less home runs. His batting average in 2019 was .305 and he did increase his contact rates a lot. Personally, I cannot believe he only struck out 108 times in 2019 with that full effort swing.

What About The Ball?

Another good question about what kind of baseball will they have in 2020? Will they have the juiced ball again? Bellinger usually doesn’t get cheated on his home runs but a ball that doesn’t fly out in 2020 as much as 2019, will impact his totals.

About Those Playoff Numbers

You won’t get an argument for me about Cody Bellinger hitting better in the playoffs. I am very optimistic about his playoff performance, especially since he doesn’t even turn 25 until July. I prefer the optimism below.

The Optimists

If Bellinger hits more than 40 home runs and Justin Turner hits 30 that will mean a ton of good things for the Dodgers.

I do consider Bellinger to be one of the top 3-5 players in baseball right now and I agree that he could be on his way to being the best player in baseball. His athleticism alone makes him very special as his defense is a huge difference maker. If he can keep his strikeout totals under control, like he did in 2019, he will continue to get even better at the plate.

The Right Answer

What do you think? Will Cody break the 40 HR mark for the second season in a row? Let us know in the comments below.

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Tim Rogers

A fan of the Dodgers since 1973 since I got my first baseball cards while living in Long Beach. I came to San Diego for college and never left nor did I ever switch my Dodgers' allegiance. Some know me as the "sweater guy". #ProspectHugger


    1. Hey Don. first of course Dodgers must get to October . Then hopefully Cody DOES hit a few at that time which may very well translate to the 1st WS win since 1988.

      1. I don’t see how they can possibly miss it this division is depressing and even if they had injuries they always have guys on the bench that could start on some teams to fill in and usually more stuffed away in the minors. I want to see Bellinger do something in October because when your stars aren’t stars in the playoffs you don’t win

      2. 45+ 120+rbis,325+ average gold glove in centerfield he’s already best player in baseball no matter what steroids trout fans think.And yes he will have a good postseason this year ANF we’ll need it since Mookie only hit 217 in world series.

  1. This guy is going to have some eye popping numbers throughout his career. Not sure he hits 47; but I think 40 is his benchmark for the next several years. Still going to be in MVP conversations, though. Could see his batting average take a jump. He has to remember his first 2 months last year and how bunts and slaps to the third base side kept that BA up.

    1. Agree completely. I’d rather see 10 points added to that batting average by going the other way, occasional bunts etc. More firepower in the lineup should equate to more guys behind him that drive him in whenever he gets on base. Betts should set the tone for getting on base and manufacturing runs, hopefully it will become a team wide mentality.

      1. Concur as well here, although if someone were to ask Cody about this, he might say he would not mind if he was able to set a new franchise single season HR mark with 50, as no Dodger in history has reached that mark. But Bellinger being a big part in winning a WS is more important i am sure.

  2. Remember what Hank Aaron did as a player who did not hit over 50 home runs throughout his career. I believe Cody will hit above .310 and have over 40 dingers. If we make the playoffs he will hit a few depending on how deep we go.

  3. I look for Cody to become a better pure hitter….. I’d rather see this kid dial it back on power for a higher average….. I’d rather see .321 with 37/112 than .262 49/101 IMO.

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