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Dodgers: Ideal Changes to the Current Player Pool

The Dodgers came out with their 60-player pool to be submitted to MLB, but it was 9 players short. With that being said, we have a few ideal moves to be made in order to fill out that roster. 

Before we jump into what we would like to see, let’s jump into some of the details first. The Dodgers are choosing to use five catchers, but only three have big-league experience. They also went with 28 pitchers, including 8 southpaws. Los Angeles also chose to include 11 guys that are not on the current 40-man roster, thus not committing to using all 60 spots. Let’s dive into how we would like to see those used. 

Get Bobby Miller in the Mix

I know, a guy that was pitching at the collegiate level just a few months ago probably shouldn’t be getting innings in the big leagues. But Miller is a guy that has a big-league fastball and could benefit from spending time around big league coaches and players. Not to mention the fact that there likely won’t be much to do for guys not included in the player pool, so better to get him going sooner. I’m not saying he will see innings in games, but the experience is so valuable. 

Sign Russell Martin, ASAP

But wait a second, we already have three catchers, why add another? Good question, and a fair point. But let me counter that with a few facts sprinkled with some opinion. Rocky Gale is not a long-term solution, that’s all I really have to say there. Keibert Ruiz is really struggling, and he showed that by taking a step back in the minors last year and going hitless this spring. 

Add in the fact that Diego Cartaya is literally 17-years-old, and suddenly you really only have two MLB catchers. Austin Barnes is a great defensive catcher, but his bat has been well below-average for the last two years. Will Smith came out strong in 2019, but he has really tailed off since last year. If you include the playoffs, Smith hit a lowly .157 with 22 strikeouts from September to October. 

Enter the veteran Russell Martin. Players have expressed interest in seeing the veteran leader back in the clubhouse, and he could really contribute down the stretch. He won’t light up the books when you’re looking at hi slash line, but his defense is probably beyond Smith and his offense easily surpasses Barnes. In short, he’s a good combination of the two. 

Overall Dodgers’ Roster

Overall, it’s not a stretch to say that the Dodgers didn’t really surprise anyone in the least bit with this player pool. It seems likely that they will add a few if not all of their recent draft picks to that pool bringing the total up to 56. Adding Diego Cartaya is a surprise in the sense that he’s still a kid, but it’s also encouraging. Just give me Russell Martin, please and thank you.

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