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Dodgers Update Fans on Some Ticket Package Refunds

The frustration of Dodgers fans is starting to build with regard to ticket sales. Fans who bought tickets for Opening Day are already one month past overdue for some sort of compensation, or at least communication.

One Reddit user posted the most recent update, citing an email they received with information directly from the Dodgers’ ticketing team. As it turns out, fans who purchased Costo ticket packages are facing an uphill battle for refunds. The email reads as follows, with credit to Reddit user u/slowbicycle. 

Thank you for contacting the Los Angeles Dodgers. The ticketing Department has informed us that, at this time, the Costco ticket packages will be able to be honored for exchanges for a future date during a rescheduled 2020 Season or during the 2021 MLB season. Unfortunately, as the purchase was not made through the Dodgers we would not facilitate a refund. We encourage you to follow up with Costco regarding their policies to see if they may be able to accommodate a refund request.

Basically, if you have a ticket package that you purchased from Costco, you will not be able to receive a refund. At least not a refund from the Dodgers. 

Whatever the case, the frustration of this whole ticketing situation continues to build for fans. I myself have tried several times to get some sort of confirmation that tickets will be refunded, as I had Opening Day tickets this year. The Dodgers sent out a general email response as a return, citing the league needing to figure out the proper response first. 

There are obviously more pressing issues in the world right now, but there are some Dodgers fans who financially are burdened by the fact that the team is holding their money. The fact that the team has said very little makes it even more frustrating for fans. You can find updates from the Dodgers here

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  1. As someone who live in Australia and was supped to travel to a game last month I would like some sort of response from the Dodgers regarding a refund. International travel is not going to be possible for the rest of the year so it is impossible to get to any rescheduled games

    At least the Angels responded and refunded tickets that were purchased for games last month

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