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Dodgers: Insider Feels Players Aren’t Overly Trusting of Rob Manfred in CBA Negotiations

As you know and are more than tired of hearing of, the MLB lockout is still in full swing. While the league and players union met twice this week and reportedly made good progress toward a deal, the two sides still remain apart on signing on the dotted line.

Moreover, on the outside the reports seemed more cheery, insiders have heard that the players’ side of things is less optimistic. Mainly because of MLB commissioner, Rob Manfred. According to am570’s Dave Vassegh, the players worry about Manfred’s tendency to try and sneak in more league-friendly changes at the last minute.

I did text a few players who had knowledge of the negotiations and they did say, ‘yes, there’s reason to be optimistic but don’t get too excited.’ Because, before the season ended, certain players on the players’ committee for the union have told me that Rob Manfred’s M.O. is, agree on something, you think you have a deal, and then all of a sudden at the last minute he tries to sneak something in or something that was not negotiated.

For even not-so-keen-eyed baseball fans, this is something that feels obvious. The players do not feel too fondly of the commissioner and his tactics. Particularly after his punt of a punishment handed down to the cheating Houston Astros after the sign stealing scandal that rocked baseball a few years back.

If things get held up further in this MLB lockout, you can probably look no further than Rob Manfred as the prime culprit. Him and greedy owners. 

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  1. It’s not just the owners that are greedy — the players are also. Imagine getting paid millions for playing a meaningless game and never having to have a real job. Imagine that money going to teachers, police, firefighters, etc. Jobs that actually benefit society.

  2. Hale of fame for Bonds et al: The only things he’s famous for is lying, cheating and stealing, what about the rest of the league, playing by the rules without the superman crutch to lean on. Just what the hell do you think past inductees would say coming back from the grave and see what the hell is going on here today. It’s moral decay at its worst, and people stand and vote for this pretender…. You may as well burn down the Hall of Fame and all it stood for….

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