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Dodgers Insider Picks Yu Darvish Over Any LA Starter as Best Pitcher in Padres Rivalry

The series between the Dodgers and Padres this past weekend was filled with so much excitement that it’s hard to fathom another 16 games between the division foes. Luckily, we don’t have to wait very long with the second series scheduled to begin this coming Thursday.

One of the early storylines when it comes to these two teams has been the starting pitching. Both rotations are filled with incredibly talented arms, and they proved it this past weekend with some tightly contested ballgames.

In a chat with AM570 on Monday, LA Times reporter Dylan Hernández was a special guest on the Roggin and Rodney show and had some interesting thoughts on the Dodgers/Padres rivalry.

In a seven game series, the deeper team has the advantage. In a five game sprint, with the way these Padres are set up, it could be like a real threat there. You’ve got a guy in Yu Darvish. I think when he’s right, he’s actually the best pitcher on either team.

There’s a lot to unpack from that quote, but you have to start by looking at Darvish’s most recent outing against the Dodgers. You know, the one where he was outmatched by the one and only Clayton Kershaw. The same outing where he surrendered the first run of the game by walking the opposing pitcher with the bases loaded.

This isn’t to say that Darvish isn’t an excellent pitcher, because he most definitely is. His track record speaks for itself, and he should have had a 2017 world title added to his resume. But while he may be an excellent pitcher, calling him the best between the two clubs is shortsighted. Throw in the fact that the quote is coming from a Dodgers reporter, and you truly have to wonder why it was said at all.

Final Thoughts

Hernández put out an article in which he warns that the Padres are a serious threat this season, which is completely accurate. This is the best version of San Diego in recent history, and it will be a fun season series to keep an eye on.

The Dodgers will get their next crack at Darvish on Friday evening during the second game of a four-game series.

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  1. Hernandez needs to moved to San Diego. He can write write for a San Diego newspaper. He will feel better.

    Rene Delgado

  2. He’s not necessarily wrong. In some ways (just the shear number of pitches he can throw) Darvish may have more upside than anyone else. What he doesn’t have yet are the consistent results. And Hernandez always seems concerned about appearing to be a “homer” so it’s not surprising he would say something like this.

  3. Hernandez needs to moved to San Diego. He is writing for the wrong paper. He can write for a San Diego newspaper. He will feel better.

    Rene Delgado

  4. Well right now IDK if I would agree as far as the starting pitching goes but the Padres at the present time at least have the better offense. Dodgers have a total of 9 runs in their last 4 games, 10 hits over last 3 games total.

    1. pods offense not as good against the Dodgers, which is all that matters. Dodger pitching is better than the pods pitching as well. The season is young and we’ll see where this all ends up in September. As for Dylan’s comment, not a big fan so not surprised. Yu was outpitched by Kershaw!

    2. Uhhh… and the fact that a few of the Dodgers frontline starters are injured? That doesn’t impact their offense? And they still have the best record in the majors.

  5. When I saw what the Brewers have done to SD in the first two games, I cannot help but feel the Dodgers psyched themselves out thinking and placing too much into this rivalry. I believe SD is in for a ruder awakening this 4 game series in LA.

  6. Opinion pieces like this don’t mean much. I like Darvish. His career with the Dodgers was derailed by the cheating Astros. He fought his way back. I respect him. I hope he continues to do well. But the Dodgers are still going to go back to back. And the Padres are still going to be spectators in October.

  7. Fear our rotation is all I have to say. Dervish smarvish
    How dare you even suggest he’s better than our starters. Get a grip
    Go Dodgers

  8. Which pitcher – either team – do you want on the mound for a win or go home game? I’ll take him (hint Buehler.)

  9. It seems like the Padres are spending too much time concentrating on the Dodgers. They could win the season series with the Dodgers and still not make the playoffs because they aren’t getting it done against the other teams. As someone else noted the Dodgers are living rent free in San Diego’s head right now and the Padres aren’t going anywhere until they remember they have to beat the other teams as well.

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