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Dodgers: Insider Predicts New Team for Chris Taylor This Offseason

Every offseason is a big offseason when a team is a perennial contender. For the Dodgers, this winter seems especially pivotal. Dodgers franchise cornerstones, Clayton Kershaw, Kenley Jansen, Corey Seager, and Chris Taylor are on the open market. One MLB expert believes Chris Taylor will be headed to the NL East.

MLB writer Anthony Castrovince thinks that Chris Taylor is destined for the Philadelphia Phillies. Castrovince penned his “bold” free agency predictions article this week and provided his reasoning on Taylor-to-Philadelphia.

“He can give them at-bats all over the diamond and particularly help out in the problem spots of center field and shortstop.”

The article is an interesting read and admittedly, there are a few…(extra) bold predictions. Contrarily, one doesn’t need a crystal ball to see that the Phillies need a solution at shortstop for 2022. Chris Taylor could readily fill that void.

In 2021, Philadelphia primarily used a mix of Didi Gregorius, Ronald Torreyes, Nick Maton, and their old friend Freddy Galvis to lackluster results.

Castrovince also stated that Taylor could provide additional lineup protection for 2015 NL MVP Bryce Harper.

“Philadelphia desperately needs to lengthen its lineup and get more support for Bryce Harper. But delving into the top end of the market might be difficult for a team that has so many major financial commitments and so many needs.”

Taylor has earned his payday. His days as the Dodgers ultimate bargain are over. The 2021 All-Star deserves a legitimate contract.

Hopefully, it’s with the Los Angles Dodgers.

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Eric Eulau

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  1. Unless Taylor is absolutely set on playing a single position going forward, I think the Dodgers have to get in a bidding war for him. We saw how removing one Swiss army knife from the lineup (Hernandez) negatively effected the Dodgers consistency and its depth. And we still had Taylor this past year. We let Taylor walk, and leave it to the not-ready-for-prime-time replacements, the Dodgers take an untenable step backwards. We let Taylor go we will spend more money or prospects for replacements than we would spend to keep him.

    1. Agree with you rainbird, if they let Taylor walk AF needs to be replaced. We tried replacing Kike with McKinstry, just how did that work out. It may well take 3 different players to replace Taylor, Guys who can play at an elite level at SS and CF let alone all of the other positions the Dodgers have asked him to play just do not grow on trees. He did all that he was asked and never complained that we were privy to, but I would seriously doubt he ever complained. He just went out and did one heck of job no matter where he was positioned. Taylor is more than a key to the future success of the Dodgers, he is an imperative resign. This is one guy they need to pay!

      1. “AF needs to be replaced” if he lets Taylor walk. Really? A bit extreme, don’t you think? You judge an individual’s entire body of work over 6 or so years on an inability to sign a super sub? Don’t get me wrong. I like CT. But last time I checked, baseball was a team game. Sometimes you need to step back and think who would replace AF. Ask the Mets how they’re doing finding a GM.

        1. I agree. Plus look at the Kike situation. As much as I like Kike, he’s clutch in the post season, but avg. offensively during the regular season. Not to mention he didn’t fit in the Dodger’s overall plan because he wanted more ABs and playing time, something he couldn’t get here. Nobody’s fault, he just wasn’t a fit for 2021. I wish he stayed, but he did what he had to do and everyone should respect that. AF by the way, is top notch and I don’t think I’d want to have anyone else running things.

  2. Andy Castroville is out of line. He has Taylor already going to Phillies. I cannot for the life of me see Dodgers simply letting him walk. There are NO replacements for CT3 no matter what anyone says at this time. And if they let Taylor walk, that’s just another reason that reaching the PS in 2022 is any lock whatsoever. .

  3. LA cannot afford to let Taylor walk to another team.
    Lose Taylor ala Hernandez and Pederson, the end result not going to be a good one.
    Bench will be bare.

  4. Can’t see Friedman letting CT3 walk. Was McKinstry’s first month and a half a fluke? I dont think so; but we just cant take that risk. CT3 is. Better fielder for sure. And probably at all 5-6 positions. And his bat is more proven. And PHILADELPHIA??? Hmm big question on how CT3 would like that. Go from a perennial post season contender to MAYBE squeaking in? Can’t see it.

  5. Basically you all said it. Every reason for the Phillies signing Taylor is also true of the Dodgers and we have deeper pockets and a history with CT3. It’s reasonable for his agent to shop the market and then sit down with the Dodgers and hammer out a contract. It’s pretty close to a must do but that doesn’t mean it’s not doable.

  6. I think CT3 is gone.You can’t keep everybody and the Dodgers have been grooming Lux as a handyman replacement. Lux didn’t handle CF very well(to say the least) but repetition can change that.Keep in mind, CT3 struck out almost 33% of the time and Lux is much cheaper.When you say the Dodgers should have kept Kike and Joc you might be forgetting there’s no Scherzer and Trea Turner without that salary turnover. imho, the Dodgers should do everything reasonable to keep Seager.Middle infielders with 30 plus home runs don’t grow on trees. Then let Jansen find his market value and let him go if it’s too high. If Seager walks then sign Trea Turner long term. Long way to go before spring training and a hundred twists and turns before then.Should be interesting.

  7. Let’s not get our feathers ruffled to much. A lot of these sportswriters have to generate clicks, and they’re not gonna do it by being agreeable, or even sensible for that matter. Who really knows what’s gonna happen in this offseason. There are too many moving parts and it’s still early. I just hope the team’s not decimated. I can’t see this team in ’22 coming close to the level of talent in ’21, or even ’20 for that matter. But that’s why AF gets paid the big bucks instead of me.

  8. CT3 will be back. AF and the Dodgers know how he handles the pressures in LA, being on a winner, and excelling at so many positions. He’s going to make his money now, and the Dodgers have the money!

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