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Dodgers Instagram Goes Rock Band On All of Us

Now, how about a feel good post in the wake of a flurry of baseball news?

This post comes to us from the Los Angeles Dodgers Official Instagram page. And it’s none other than David Freese, Ross Stripling, A.J. Pollock, and Brock Stewart in wigs. Furthermore, they’re poking fun at themselves and teammates as they sing through a fun little melody.

Moreover, as the duo sings about the ‘dark side of the moon’, they work into the tune and sing about things that are humorous in the clubhouse.

For instance, Stripling sings about his fears of spending the entire year in the bullpen. The pair gets laughter as they sing about a ‘Bellinger platoon’.

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This isn’t one of those posts that will headline ESPN or be found on a non-Dodgers site. Still, this is where you see clubhouse chemistry playing out in the flesh. These are the moments when closeness is built – and it’s nice to see the guys are close enough that they can poke fun at one another.

Furthermore, Stripling has a real future as a lead vocalist; if Dustin May takes his job as he sings about. I love seeing the Dodgers having fun in the clubhouse at Camelback Ranch. They’re as ready to get this season underway as we are.

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