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Manny Machado Is Already Counting The Padres Out

Dodgers fans have to feel a little bit slighted by Manny Machado. He has not had much to say about his brief stop in Los Angeles, but the star shortstop did sign within the NL West. After a disappointing World Series performance, fans in Los Angeles were pretty angry when he decided to sign in San Diego. But this video makes us all feel a little bit better.

That’s right folks, you heard it from Manny first. He has officially counted the Padres as eliminated still two weeks away from the start of the regular season. Manny was answering some questions about his new team and admitted that they were probably not going to be fighting for the National League West.

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Now, we all know what he meant by that. Machado is realistic enough to know that the current Padres lineup cannot even come close to competing with the Dodgers and Rockies for contention. The team is loaded top to bottom with young talent, but they aren’t quite there. San Diego lacks the pitching depth and strong veteran presence to give the team a real chance to compete. Realistically, they are still two years out from giving the Dodgers a hard time.

Nevertheless, it’s a tough thing to see the guy that your team just spent $300 million on, tell you that your team won’t win the division. So take heart Dodgers fans, at least we get this one thing from Manny.

Machado came over in a midseason trade from Baltimore with varying results. He slashed .273/.338/.487 with the Dodgers during the regular season but found far less success in the playoffs. He hit a combined 227 with three homeruns between the Division Series, National League Championship, and World Series.



  1. He said this on the MLB network the day he met the media after signing with the Padres………this is not news……..

  2. Correction.I don’t know any Dodger fans that feel slighted by Manny or angry because he signed with San Diego. We don’t care what San Diego does,they’re a non issue for this year and probably next.

  3. San Diego getting Manny of course made them a little better maybe not this year they are for sure a team in the West to keep an eye on in the foreseeable future one thing as a Dodger fan we can count on is our future is our farm system, that is why i laugh when i hear fans say our window is closing they obviosly don’t pay attention to our minor league players San Diego is the only team that can rival our farm system…imo, but what do expect from Manny to say i dont feel he truly has that competive edge that most pro athletes have “Johnny Hustle”.

    1. “San Diego is the only team that can rival our farm system…imo”. Well, San Diego has the best rated farm system in baseball by MLB Pipeline and many writers. Dodgers are #10 on that list so I don’t know if rival is the correct word.

      1. Brook, our farm system could even better and more profitable if upper management stops pigeon holing players so they only face a pitcher from the opposite side, ya know those L-R-L-R match ups, thereby not allowing the youngsters to develop skills to be good at hitting BOTH RHP AND LHP.

  4. There is plenty to write about without talking about this guy, especially republishing old news. Maybe you could find out what Andrew Toles is doing with his time off or stick to issues that really affect the Dodgers.

  5. Yesterday Kenley (gulp) pitched in a (B) game on the side fields………..Dodgers closer Kenley Jansen pitched an inning against a team of Giants Double-A players. He gave up three hits including a two-run home run by the Giants’ 2017 first-round draft pick Heliot Ramos……….why am I mentioning this?……….because last season Kenley gave up twice as many home runs as I could ever remember him suffering through in a season. Just watching this with angst I guess…………

    1. hello bluz1st. Last year, and it began in the 2nd game of 2018, KJ gave up 13 HR’s as a closer. Now consider that in the previous 2 years combined he served up only 9. But of course he is not alone for sure on a staff that pitches in an alleged pitcher friendly park.

  6. Manny is making a measure response. For the Padres to win the division, it requires our current roster to step up. That will happen, but there’s no sense for someone like Manny to make bold predictions. It’s not consisten with who he is. There are some personalities that are bolder and it would fit, such as a pedro martinez, or a kevin millar. Right now, it’s just our way of not barking louder than our bite. Let’s get the season started and stacking up the series wins against the Dodger. That will be our talking.

  7. Wonder if Machado is setting us Dodgers fans for a “big-time” fall basically stating the Padres’ current line-up “cannot even come close to competing with the Dodgers and Rockies” for the division.

  8. 90% of the time I love watching Manny play ball. He’s just so talented. The other 10%, I can’t change the channel fast enough. As I said earlier, I’d rather sign him than Harper. That said, lets get real: Manny makes any team better, much better. But……….Manny isn’t a winner, he doesn’t have the inner, burning desire to win. He loves to play a kid’s game, he loves to make millions of bucks, but winning….Que sera, sera.

    Kirk Gibson, there’s a guy who came to win. Which non-pitcher on the current Dodger roster fits the mold of a Kirk Gibson?

    Don’t know….Go Blue!

  9. No one I know was angry about Machado leaving for the Padres–or for anywhere else. Please stop making such claims.

    He is a major slug. I could not wait to see him leave. And the Dodgers reportedly became disenchanted with him fairly soon after he arrived here. Don’t let the screen door hit you, Machado.

  10. Look, let’s not waste our time and comment space on Machado, It’s not worth it and accomplishes NOTHING. As with Harper, where now the Phillies, as I said on another article here, have made their bed and must now lie in it, the same goes for the Padres and Machado. They made their bed with him and now must lie in it for many many years to come.

  11. He said hustling wasn’t his thing. Baseball is all hustle all the time. San Diego can have him.

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