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Wishing Rich Hill and Pedro Baez Happy Birthdays

Two Dodgers happen to share today as a birthday, and they’re both pitchers. Rich Hill (aka Dick Mountain) and Pedro Baez (aka La Mula) both were born on 3/11, and both personalities definitely ‘come original.

Rich Hill

Rich Hill has always been a fan favorite for various reasons. Whether it’s for his humorous (read; awesome) at-bats, his efforts running the bases, or his genuinely elite outings he tends to have. He’s also well liked for being a great man off the field. Personally, my favorite is his leg kick after a pitch. It reminded me of someone a few summers ago, so I created this.









It’s also easy to root for Rich Hill when you remember or realize what a tough road he had to find success at the major league level.

Pedro Baez

Pedro Baez, on the other hand, has had quite the roller coaster in terms of Dodger fan favorite. His propensity to give up runners and runs in high leverage situation made him one of everyone’s least favorite Dodgers. The Pedro Baez disdain got so bad, he was often booed at Dodger Stadium. This created quite debate over whether a Dodger should ever be booed at home.

That was, until 2018. In 2018 Pedro gave us different things. The first was this photo that I took at a summer game vs. the Astros.









That photo has various meme use. Ok, more importantly, Pedro Baez gave Dodger fans a reason to call Pedro Baez elite. He was legitimately excellent in 2018. More than being good, after having struggled in big moments, Pedro Baez being really good had to have been an uplifting feeling for PEDRO BAEZ. We can often forget these players are human, and seeing him succeed was the ultimate feel-good. Dodger fans can only hope he repeats this form in 2019.

Fans Wish Pedro and Rich Happy Birthday

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AJ Gonzalez

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