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Dodgers Interest Could Block Potential Giancarlo Stanton Trade

It seems like not a day goes by that doesn’t reveal more news regarding Giancarlo Stanton. Usually the news isn’t good for fans who want Stanton to come to Los Angeles, but today is an exception!

It seems as though a Giancarlo Stanton trade could be held up by his interest in coming to Los Angeles. This was reported in a set of tweets from Jon Morosi early Sunday.

Stanton’s interest in playing for his hometown Dodgers has never been in question. The Dodgers level of interest, on the other hand, still isn’t clear. Joel Sherman pointed out that the Dodgers may just be trying to drive up Stanton’s price by staying in talks for the slugger.

While many fans would prefer the Dodgers just get Stanton and be done, there is a lot of value in making the Giants or Cardinals pay more for him. Whether it would be a high prospect return or taking on more of Stanton’s massive contract, it would hamper either teams ability to consistently contend moving forward. There is still a lot of skepticism that Stanton, who will have the final say in any deal, would want to play for either of those teams, though he has met with executives from both teams.

Jon Heyman touched on this:

While Marlins bosses would love to ultimately do the deal with the Cardinals – their prospect stash is excellent, and reports by Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and Craig Mish of Sirius say they might be willing to include a great pitching talent such as Sandy Alcantara – several people connected to the Marlins who know Stanton well suggest they have a hard time seeing Stanton, who has a complete no-trade clause, approve a trade to St. Louis, not when there are more geographically desirable alternatives with winning histories in play.

Stanton waiting this long to approve a deal could absolutely mean he’s waiting on the Dodgers, but it could also mean he just wants something more from one of the other organizations. Stanton could be pursuing another opt-out being added to his contract to give himself more flexibility moving forward. If the Dodgers were to seriously pursue Stanton, their return would likely have to be large to beat what the Cardinals and Giants are willing to give up for the 28-year old.

It’s hard to see the Dodgers willing to take on as much of Stanton’s money as the Giants would, but it is still a possibility. The Dodgers are in a position that they could handle it, with Ethier’s $17 million coming off the books for 2018 and the team set to shed close to $60 million after the 2018 season with the expiring contracts of Adrian Gonzalez, Scott Kazmir, Brandon McCarthy, and Yasiel Puig, along with multiple others. However, many speculate that money will be put towards the insane 2018 free agent class, which is likely to include Bryce Harper and Manny Machado, among many other stars.

Where do you think the reigning NL MVP will be playing in 2018? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Miami is not is choose where Stanton plays position. Either he stays in Miami, or they let him go to the team of his choice, which is the Dodgers. The Dodgers can afford him if Miami eats not part of the 295 million, but just a chunk of 2018 salary. They could instead accept some over paid players at full salary like Kazmir , Mcarthy, Forysthe, uneeded ones like Grandal, in order to help the Dodgers with the salary cap. It all about the money. Miami can’t afford Stanton, they Dodgers can. Miami has to help the Dodgers with their 2018 salary cap, and the Dodgers help the Miami get out of a contract they backloaded with 295 million they can’t afford.

  2. You don’t pass up on power like Stanton. He will be Dodger if he wants to be. He will be a Dodger. Period. End. ~Captain Obvious

  3. We all know that Stanton’s 1st choice is the Dodgers. But if the Dodgers drag their feet, and Stanton drags with them…..The Giants and Cardinals just might “give up”, seek alternative solutions, leaving Stanton with the Marlins (and the Marlins with Stanton….lol) for 2018. That would be disastrous for Stanton and the Marlins.

    Next July, Harper, Machado, and Donaldson will all be “on the hot seat”, as they will become FA’s at the end of ’18. Stanton would have to compete against those players if the Marlins try to trade him then.
    Those 3 will be rentals, but Stanton will still be a 9.5 year/$283 Million commitment. Bad Idea Jeter. Get whatever you can for him now. Eat $50 Million over the next 5 years, and get White & D.J. Peters back from the Dodgers. He’ll waive his NTC in the “Blink-of-an-Eye”.

    1. Unless the Dodgers make some major trades I don’t see them needing to go after big name free agents next year. Of course the writers want you to believe that, but where would they put Turner if they got Machado ?

  4. I prefer Stanton now at all costs than him going to hated Giants. If the Dodgers do not deal for him, he will land in Giant town. Do it now and let 2019 take care of itself. Dodgers have the inside track to Stanton if they want to pull the trigger on a deal. Fans want the local guy. I would pay an extra $5 to see him play.

  5. I hear that Harper’s price will be north of 400 million…no way should the brass pay that kinda money. If I paid that kinda loot for an outfielder, it would be Mike Trout. I believe that Trout is better than Harper. I would love to see Stanton in Blue…My ultimate nightmare/fantasy is the Dodgers building a super team that wins 4 World Series in a row!!!

    1. To hell with Harper.. And Stanton.. And Machado.. For a lot less $$ .. vie for Donaldson in ’18.. Pick up a decent bat and mid reliever .. shed dead weight like Baez.. McCarthy.. Darvish and get on with it

  6. If Stanton goes to the Giants, and the Dodgers and the Giants play 19 games against each other, at approximately 4 at bats per game, thats close to 100 at bats against Dodger pitching! Do Dodger pitchers really want to face Stanton 100 times?

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