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Dodgers Interest in Liam Hendriks Appears to Be Growing

Andrew Friedman has talked all offseason long about adding an impact arm to the Dodgers bullpen. While he’s been able to add plenty of depth on minor league deals, there have only been rumors on real MLB talent. One of those rumors that continues to float around involves A’s closer Liam Hendriks. 

Hendriks was linked to the Dodgers from the moment that MLB free agency kicked off after the World Series. Today, that interest appears to have grown even stronger, per reports from Robert Murray

Adding a reliever of Hendriks’ caliber would greatly increase the quality of the Dodgers bullpen heading into 2021. They’re already going to be missing free agents Alex Wood, Pedro Baez, and Blake Treinen from the 2020 team. Of those 3, Alex Wood seems like the only one that they would be interested in bringing back. 

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The only real question with Hendriks would be cost, as the Dodgers don’t often give the big bucks to relievers. The only recent exception to that would be the contracts given to Kenley Jansen and Joe Kelly, both of which were sort of deserving at the time given where their careers were at. Hendriks is reportedly looking for a 4-year deal, with experts predicting his contract could top the $50 million range. 

Hendriks has been phenomenal for the Athletics over the last 2 years. In a combined 110 innings, he has pitched to a 1.79 ERA and a pristine 1.70 FIP. He ranks first among all qualified relievers over that time span in both of those categories (min 75 innings). Hendriks also ranks first in fWAR in that same time span among relievers with a 5.2 mark in 97 relief appearances. To say that he would be a difference-maker for the Dodgers would be an understatement.  

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  1. The question is what does the Dodger organization think of the relievers and pitchers not slotted for the starting rotation? Those pitchers like May, Gonsolin, Gonzalez, White, Carrillo, Jackson. Santana that are on the roster and Gray their #1 prospect?
    We know Graterol, Floro, Kelly, Jansen, Alexander, Kolarek will be in the mix. Hoping Knebel and Morrow are able to rehab or fix mechanical issues.
    It’s always easy to want the current hot free agent but sometimes not necessary to extend long term contracts or 10’s of Millions. The Dodgers are built to use their Farm Talent let’s see what Kasten and Friedman think they have internally instead of screaming cheap! How about Smart?

  2. As much as the interest may be there for Hendricks, I don’t see the Dodgers overspending to get him. Barring a trade to free up money, I’d be very surprised to see the Dodgers sign Hendricks unless its at a discount. Especially after trading for Knebel and taking on his 5 mil salary.

    I’d be surprised to see them make any splashy moves this offseason except to address Turners bat in the lineup.

  3. Sign him up. WE NEED A CLOSER. Jansen is done. Hendricks is the best FA option out there. We could still make a trade for someone like Hader. But somehow, some way we need a closer.

    1. Hendricks would be a good fit; but what does that do to our third base situation? Would he make us top the luxury tax level trying to sign LeMahieu? I can’t see us re signing Justin for 4 years. Man! Justin!! Give us a 3 year option. Friedman will take that.

    2. Hendricks would be fine as long as getting a RHB with or without Turner coming back takes place as well. And extending Seager is right up there with RHB and a closer.

      1. Now that is the right point to make. Everyone likes Hendricks. Max 3 years & an option. Like Treinen also…shorter term & cost! DH comes(?) then Turner gets 3+! Otherwise DJL is a perfect RHB! Major deal to sign Seager or look at a couple FA SS next Offseason(several to choose & lots $ off books!). Boras makes it dubious with Seager!

  4. I’m sure that while everyone is looking at the obvious free agents, Friedman is searching for a trade partner. Trade for a closer, and maybe a second baseman or third baseman. Any trade has to wait to see if Turner resigns.

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