Dodgers Interested in DJ LeMahieu? Should LA Pursue One of Baseball’s Best Pure Hitters?

With the MLB winter meetings upon us and the hot stove set to heat up, we take a look at one of the most coveted free agents this offseason: DJ LeMahieu. With the New York Yankees prioritizing re-signing the 2020 AL batting crown winner, we discuss what it would take to pry LeMahieu away from the Pinstripes and how he would fit on the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Plus, we discuss ESPN’s senior MLB Insider Jeff Passan’s piece, where he mentions the Dodgers as a possible landing spot for LeMahieu.


Now, where do you rank this rumor on your truth scale? Does it pass the sniff test? More importantly, if you were choosing, would you go with DJLM or bring back JT for a run to repeat?


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  1. Hard to say no regarding a player you can’t shift against but the Dodgers would never offer the years he wants.

    1. Why should it be a choice between DJ an JT? Re-sign JT at 3B. Consider DJ at 2B. If you did sign DJ, Hernandez would have to go. Taylor would the sole all purpose utility player. If money is the problem, and it always is, consider unloading some deadwood like Price and Kelley for prospects. DJ is probably going to the Mets along with Bauer, but he could be the RHB the Dodgers need. But losing an RHB to make room for another RHB accomplishes nothing. DJ is outstanding. I’ve never seen offensive numbers go up when a player left Colorado to go somewhere else. He would slot in perfectly to fill in the 2B hole that Lux failed to fill. But I don’t see this happening. DJ has a lot of suitors. This guy can hit, as well as play multiple positions defensively. But hey, give it a shot.

      1. Hernandez is already gone, he elected free agency. The Dodgers could offer him a contract but I dought it. Herandez great defense, not much of a bat for average or on base.

  2. No, keep the line up—including Turner—and use Muncy at 2nd and Rios at 1st. Save Hernandez for his defense. Use money to strengthen bull pen.

    1. Muncy can also play a good job at 3b, Turner won’t play but about 120 games a year at third. Lux will get at-bats if he hits and plays good defense in 2021, which I expect.

  3. I get the feeling Seager=Boras will want the universe. Isnt Boras the agent for Buehler, Bellinger and Urias? Dodgers won’t be able to keep all of them.

    1. Covid expected to keep fans away for most of 2021. Couple that with the fact several premiere shortstops will hit free agency after next year will depress the FA market for a while. Boras might not get what he wants (for a change). We should trade for Cory’s brother Kyle and let the Seagers play together.

  4. Trade JT who has lost power, lost speed, and is not a full time
    player, acquire Arenado, by trading Price, Lux and other prospects, whatever money Dodgers can get to acquire
    Arenado can be returned to Rockies to take Price (pitching is
    always needed). Arenado can walk after 2021 season so I think Rockies would consider. Taylor has earned a position (2B) plus
    he’s already on the payroll.

    1. JT is in the final 3 for All MLB 3b 2020 that will be decided tonight. He’s a long shot to get it, but to be in the conversation says what the league thinks of his play. While not young, he isn’t 40 either and really didn’t get any mileage on the body until he was 30. He still has a few years left in the tank and will cost less than half of Arenado.

      1. Sorry, your right about JT being a free agent, I think he made close to 20mil. last year
        Arenado is about 35mil. next year, he said he wants to be on a perennial contender, so like Mookie the Dodgers may come to an agreement with him.
        By trading Price the Dodgers can hopefully afford Arenado who can be here long term. Lux has had opportunities, I realize they may not be many, but if the Dodgers can trade M. Piazza and P.Martinez or allow S. Garvey of R. Cey to become FA’s,Dodgers can trade Lux, Price, prospects and JT can move where he feels best. I want a Dodgers dynasty.

        1. We all want a dynasty – like the current run we want continued – and don’t wish to see it squandered by foolish trades like the ones you mentioned.

  5. I totally agree with Pauldodgerfan65, we have got to lock up Seager long term, I do believe that will happen, I feel very comfortable with Freidman, he makes really good decisions, the one thing about the Dodgers they play it close to the vest when they are thinking of making a big move. Personally I like that, I would love to see Dj in Dodger blue, and I do believe we will also try to keep Turner? Robin all due respect Seager, Buehler, Bellinger, and Urias will all be Dodgers, the Dodgers have money to play with, and again I bring up the front office, they do not do a lot of talking, this team is incredibly well put together, their are so many ways to put a contract together, and the Dodgers are not a small market club that wins the WS, and then brakes up the team, the only thing I don’t like is SCOTT BORAS!!!

  6. DJL would obviously be great to have in our lineup. But journalists approach the off season asking how can we spend teams’ money and teams ask how can we save money. You can just go out and sign every good free agent! Trades make more sense, followed by usong homegrown players then using free agents to fill the holes.

  7. Here’s the Dodgers salary cap for the next few years:

    2021: $180,489,000…so far!
    2022: $76,500,000
    2023: $48,000,000
    2024: $30,000,000
    2025: $30,000,000

    Yeah, lots of open salary from 2022 on. Only player on the 2024-25 seasons is Betts, for now

  8. On paper its a no brainer to go with DJL, however we’re talking the heart and soul of the team in Turner. Unless Turner really gets blown away with another offer and really wants the extra money it makes more sense that they Dodgers and Turner work out a deal in the two year range. If he bolts then DJL is the perfect replacement. Now there is a chance they could get them both, but it would require DJL to sign most likely no more than a three year deal, more preferably two from the Dodger side of things. Its a super long shot as reports say DJL likes being a Yankee and there will be other suitors. As always it will come down to how bad DJL wants to be a Dodger, not the other way around.

    1. Perfect post!. you write…..”Now there is a chance they could get them both”. wouldn’t that be nice! that scenario makes us the best infield, best outfield, and best overall pitching staff. and oh yeah….a few rings included!

  9. The Dodgers are at a point that requires restraint and you can bet that’s just how Friedman will act. They are coming off a year where they lost roughly $100M and face an uncertain 2021 regarding revenue. They have approximately $30M in payroll space before tax which I’m certain they’d like to avoid in 2021. Despite anything pundits claim or surmise, the team is not signing an expensive FA or taking an expensive contract in trade this off-season. Forget Arenado. Forget LaMahieu. It’s not going to happen.

    The Dodgers have won the last few years in part to the contributions of young players (Buelher, Seager, Bellinger, Hernandez, Pederson, Urias) who will now start becoming expensive if they stay. They have to incorporate younger players if they don’t want to fall off the same cliff as the Giants, Cubs, and Red Sox. Graterol, May, Gonsolin, Smith, and Rios are players that have begun to contribute and don’t even begin arbitration until 2023. Lux and V. Gonzalez don’t start until 2024. The team is going to give them every chance to succeed before considering trading any of them. If not for the unique Betts situation in Boston, Verdugo would still be with the team.

    In 2022, Kershaw (31M), Jansen (20M), and Taylor (7.8M) are off the books. Expect Kershaw at a slightly reduced rate and Taylor to be extended. Jansen looks doubtful unless drastically reduced. Just as important, K. Maeda (retained .5M), Scott Kazmir (deferred 8M), and Yasiel Sierra (still in minors at 8.5M) all come off as well. Plenty of room to extend Seager, even with Boras, and look at outside players opportunistically.

    The Dodgers are exceedingly well positioned to continue to dominate the division – San Diego aside – and challenge for titles for years if they don’t do anything foolish this year. Friedman won’t.

    1. Great take Bum. I completely agree with you. I think Mckinstry for Kike and some young guys like Raley, Reks, Peters, etc will compete for Joc’s spot
      If Turner will take a 2-3 year deal with incentives and options sign him Otherwise platoon Will Smith, Rios, Muncy, etc at 3rd and bring up Ruiz.
      Hate to lose Turner but it is a business.
      I do not see the Dodgers getting in a price war with the NY clubs that would be really dumb. Kasten and Friedman are not that crazy or desperate. Mets new owner going to make a SPLASH so figure he goes hard for big names.

      1. I like to see Thomas get a shot at Pederson’s spot but that’s just me. JT will be resigned; I think Friedman is looking at how the market plays before pulling the trigger.

        1. Bum4ever, many clubs are also still waiting for a final clarification about the DH. Again, i don’t like this game having a separate playing rule for each league. It WILL NOT be any safer to have pitchers bat in 2021. And with no DH in NL, the offense will decline significantly in bottom third of lineup with the pitcher set to bat in a particular inning killing many scoring chances.

    2. your name should be “bummer4ever”. spend a little my friend. we have a hole at 2nd and lemahieu is the best pure hitter in the majors. think of the bling he could bring us!

      1. Lemahieu IS the best pure hitter in baseball but he’s a luxury the Dodgers don’t need. Chris Taylor slashed 366/476/842 with an OPS+ of 128 in 2020 which was good for MLB 7th best as a SS and MLB 3rd best as a 2b. How can you claim we have a hole at 2b? Spending big money on Lamahieu instead of fortifying the bullpen for 2021 is exactly the kind of move that led to the end of the recent runs by the Cubs and Red Sox.
        I was skeptical of Lux’s minor league numbers and am not a fan of his now but the Dodgers would be stupid to give up on him this early. He should get one more year to see what he’s got.

  10. If the Dodgers sign anymore mega contracts, there will be a shortage of money for the rest of the team. We have several young players that will be getting big contracts very soon. We have a great team. Let’s not spend all the money we need in the future now.

    1. hey brent, go over budget and splurge on christmas for your kids and wife. i’m sure they don’t want to hear….” Let’s not spend all the money we need in the future now.”


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