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Dodgers: Internet Erupts Comparing Gibaut 3 Game Suspension to Joe Kelly’s 8 Games

The suspension of the Dodgers Joe Kelly is something that will be discussed for the rest of the year. MLB decided that Kelly had intentionally thrown at Astros hitters resulting in an initial 8-game suspension. That was later knocked down to just 5 after a very long appeal process.

That conversation was reignited today when the Rangers’ pitcher Ian Gibaut was suspended 3 games for throwing behind Manny Machado. The pitch was pretty clearly intentional, coming after Fernando Tatis Jr hit a grand slam while the Padres were up big. Tatis had also apparently been given the take sign in the at-bat. 

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts was asked about the Gibaut suspension and if he thought it was fair. Referencing Joe Kelly’s suspensions, Roberts did not think it made a whole lot of sense.

Roberts did later clarify that if MLB viewed Kelly as a repeat offender, then it would make sense that Gibaut only got 3 games. Still, it seems interesting that the league would treat such identical acts so differently. Dodgers fans would certainly like a little bit of an explanation. Gibaut does plan to appeal the suspension.

After the game between the Rangers and Padres, Texas manager Chris Woodward had some harsh words for Fernando Tatis. He was not a big fan of Tatis taking a swing on a 3-0 count and putting the Padres up by even more runs. There was a sense on both sides that Tatis had broken an unwritten rule. Some rules are just meant to be broken. 

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  1. I don’t think they are comparable because Kelly is a “repeat offender” as far as the league is concerned. As to whether Tatis broke a rule to swing on 3-0 pitch up so many runs, that’s a harder call. Seven runs isn’t that safe of a lead in modern baseball and it’s not like you can say that swinging at any pitch is a guarantee of a home run, even a 3-0 cookie. It’s more of a problem when a team is up by a wide margin and you have guys stealing second just to do it or leaning into a pitch to get an HB. That’s down there with squaring up to bunt to break up a no-hitter.

    1. My problem with Tatis swinging is that he had the take sign. Disregard for your manager while your while team is watching sets a bad precedent.

  2. Okay Manfred are you READY to wake up and smell the coffee..You just keep digging a deeper hole for yourself!! And you need baseball fans to remind of you just how POORLY YOU DO YOUR JOB!!!!! Do you see the TOTAL un fairness of the punishment you gave to Joe Kelly..when another pitcher clearly try to hit a batter and HE ONLY gets a 3 game suspension…Are you for real?? If baseball fans were to take a vote to see if you should keep your job..We would all say to you DONT LET THE DOOR HIT YOU ON THE WAY OUT!!!!!!!

  3. That whole situation in Texas last night was cringy. Woodward and Tinglers words and then Tatis going from having a great time playing to having to be told by Hosmer some unwritten rule and then Tatis thinking he actually did something wrong and apologizes in the post game.

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