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Dodgers Introduce Automated Machines For Beer Purchases

Dodgers fans know the dreaded feeling all too well. You arrive right on time for a ballgame and get settled into your seat. Maybe after the first inning, you head over to the concession area to grab yourself a hot dog and a cold one. And then you see the lines. 

On big games and on weekends, those concession lines can be a real pain for Dodgers fans. Sometimes it’s hard to not miss a full inning just trying to go to grab food for your family. But over the years, the team has made some improvements to make the flow of fans getting their food and drinks a little easier. 

And the Dodgers just added a potential game-changer. At the All-Star Game, the team debuted an automated machine for fans who want to go and get beers. It really is just a large vending machine for adults. 

It looks like you can select from a few different options that the Dodgers have around the stadium. Fans just need to scan their IDs in to prove that they are 21 or older, and then they can check out on the electronic pad attached to the large vending machine. 

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No word from the Dodgers on if they plan to install more of these around the stadium this year. But if they work out, you should probably see more of them in the near future. 

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  1. Installing beer machines at Dodger Stadium might be at least a partial reaction to the Unite Here union’s recent wage and benefits demands. Workers all over the world whose unions have pushed for ever greater compensation and benefits have been replaced by automation for decades now. So, as service workers’ unions at Dodger Stadium press for ever-greater salaries and benefits, and with the revolutionary technology today, if the union pushes the envelope too much, it may see its workers more and more being replaced by automated machines/processes that haven’t even been invented yet.

    I remember a very large major U. S. manufacturer with a huge facility in the industrial area of LA in the early 1990s that closed there and moved its production elsewhere, because the union’s non-negotiable demands for the cost of labor had gotten so high that the company could not make a decent profit. Dodger Stadium isn’t going anywhere, but its service workers might want to start being careful about what they ask for. They might find themselves replaced by automated machines that haven’t even been yet invented. Drones delivering peanuts and beer? That would certainly be an interesting and entertaining delivery process to watch now that the peanut guy can no longer toss his bags of peanuts to eagerly awaiting fans. . . .

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