Dodgers Introduce Shortstop Jimmy Rollins (VIDEO)

The Los Angeles Dodgers introduced newly acquired shortstop Jimmy Rollins this week at Dodger Stadium. In our videos below, Rollins discuses why the Dodgers were the only team he was interested in being traded to.

The things that I saw on the other side. You’ve got former players still hanging around. Mr. Blue Heaven himself, Tommy Lasorda, just knowing the history of this organization…You know you’re walking into a legacy.”

After spending his entire 15-year career in Philadelphia, winning a World Series, MVP and multiple Gold Gloves, Rollins says his first question to manager Don Mattingly was about the leadership in the clubhouse and what was needed of him.

At 35 years old, Rollins is ready to bring his leadership to Los Angeles and he hopes the Dodgers are transitioning into winning the World Series. It’s all in our videos below.

Part I: Rollins Talks World Series And Leadership

Part II: On Why The Dodgers Were The Only Clubhouse He Was Interested In Being Traded To

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