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Dodgers Introduce Trevor Bauer and DFA Josh Sborz

The Dodgers signing of Trevor Bauer has been made official. The two sides got together on Thursday afternoon live from Dodger Stadium to make the announcement. President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman appeared alongside Bauer at the press conference to introduce him. Manager Dave Roberts was also on the stage with them for questions. 

The official deal is for 3 years and could be worth up to $102 million for Bauer. The way that it was structure by Friedman and the Dodgers, Bauer will likely stay in Los Angeles through 2022 before opting out of the deal. 

The Dodgers made the announcement on Thursday morning that they would be holding a press conference with no reference as to what it was for. Given that Bauer had agreed to the deal a week prior, fans were fairly certain that it was for him. His agent later posted about making the signing official on her social media, further cementing the theory. 

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The interesting part was that the team made the announcement of the press conference with 40 men on their roster. The Dodgers had to make a move prior to making his signing official in order to clear up space on the roster. That move ended up being designating Josh Sborz for assignment just 10 minutes before the presser. 

With Bauer now officially a part of the team, the Dodgers will head into Spring Training with 7 potential starters. Dave Roberts already confirmed this week that they would all be used at some point in a starting capacity throughout the 2021 season. 

Bauer chose number 27 for his jersey, a number that he wore with the Reds for the last 2 seasons. He had previously worn 47 in his time with Cleveland. 

The Dodgers Welcome Bauer to LA

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  1. For a guy interesting in growing his brand and being a biggie on social media, his responses to questions he had to know were coming seemed pretty robotic. Maybe that’s just his personality but LA is a much bigger stage than Cleveland or Cincinnati. It was also hard to tell whether or not he has “learned his lesson” because he seemed almost defensive in his responses. His responses sounded an awful lot like the ones the Astros players offered up in their “not so” mea culpa.for the trash cans (or more precisely for getting caught with the trash cans). I hope that he keeps his focus between the chalk lines going forward. And stays away from drones.

  2. The bad news here is that they apparently were unable to make a trade to open a spot on the roster sk they had to dfa Sborz. And we still need a spot for JT! Maybe he told Andrew he’s willing to wait until spring training, when they get 2 spots opening.

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