Dodgers: Joc Pederson Comes Out Of Minors Game Healthy

The Dodgers may be one small step closer to getting Joc Pederson back in time for Opening Day. Joc took some at-bats in a minor league game on the backfields on Sunday, and it sounds like it went well enough.

The key to this update is not how he hit or how he looked in the game at all. The most important thing is that Pederson had real-life at-bats and was able to walk away feeling healthy enough to keep going. The Dodgers will likely keep adding him into minor league games until he is ready for a Cactus League game.

Joc had been experiencing side soreness for a while. As a result, he did not pick up a bat with the Dodgers early in camp. Dave Roberts had said that the issue was more nagging than they initially thought, hence the drawn-out process of getting him back up to health.

If Joc is not ready to go by Opening Day, you can pencil in an outfield of Pollock, Bellinger, and Betts. There are several other guys on the roster that can play outfield as well, so depth is not necessarily hurt if Joc were not ready. 

Chris Taylor, Enrique Hernandez, and Matt Beaty are all guys from the big leagues last year that could slot into the outfield if needed. Zach McKinstry is also an interesting left-handed option that could be of use if Pederson were not ready to go. 

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    1. Pollack is one of worse signings ever.Tired of watching him go up to back and walk back to dugout Yet Dave keeps putting him in 4-5 hole

  1. Pollack, a Dodger killer before and after. At least at the time was glad we took him away from the Drags only to see he is hurting us as an enemy within or double agent!

  2. so proud of joc he never gives up. your sides your hips and the way he hits all the home runs what a work out last year. he deserves all the time off to rest and recoup0 all. even almost traded. only got saved the Angels goof. What a loss not steaing joc away for them the angels.The Dodgers are so lucky to have joc still one of them again. what stress on a good player.shouldnt have to stress with. The way everyone is talking trades for the loaded fielders. Every year the same thing. never about astros cheating and twice lost the world series.

  3. Pollack is hitting 161 in spring training. In other words, he isn’t hitting at all. This is a continuation of his postseason disaster last season. Come back Joc, please!

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