Dodgers: Joe Davis and Orel Hershiser Friendship Detailed on KTLA

Indeed, Joe Davis and Orel Hershiser seem to complement each other like two things that have been together for a very long time. Whether it’s singing a pop song that bridges their eras, or simply talking about their odd-couple relationship; it’s fun to see Joe and Orel in their own skin.

As a treat for the holiday week that you may be spending with family and friends, we thought it be nice to revisit this feature on the Los Angeles Dodgers’ broadcast tandem put together by KTLA.

First, Davis says that he and Hershiser’s age difference is something that serves the two well.

“I joke around that he’s the youngest 60-year old that I’ve ever met. And I’m a super boring 31-year old there is. So we kind of meet in the middle in terms of the two generations. From the way that we watch the game, and the way we enjoy the game, and the way that we are off the air.”

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Next, Hershiser says that Davis is in lockstep with his personality so much that he has his back when he can’t find the words.

“I have had one other partner where I felt like the guy could finish my sentence if I lost a guy in a trade or if I lost a line that was happening on the field or stuttering. From day one, that’s the way our relationship has been.”

Obviously it’s been said here many times – but when Vin Scully left – no one knew what to really expect. In some ways, we were headed into an abyss. Now, we know we are in the presence of comfort when we enjoy the three hours of Dodger baseball on a nightly basis and the broadcast kicks off with these two friendly faces.

Without question, this was an enjoyable watch, and it just makes you appreciate J’Orel more.

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  1. Great article and I agree 100%. When Joe and Orel are not doing a game, it’s a real downer.

    And I have come to enjoy listening to Joe on his calling of professional college and pro football games on Fox!

  2. I love these two. They are my favorite announcing team ever. I hate it when the network broadcasts the game and I have to listen to somebody else……Especially if it’s A-Rod!

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