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Dodgers: Joe Kelly Considered Sitting Out the 2020 Season

Major League Baseball is getting back to work after an agreement with the player’s association on the health guidelines, and we’re all very happy about that. But one Dodgers player revealed that he contemplated sitting out the 2020 season, and he might not be alone in that. 

With COVID-19 not really being close to under control, it’s easy to see why players with families might consider sitting out. It’s also easy to understand why those at higher risk might consider sitting out as well. Joe Kelly talked about the possibility of sitting out the season, despite the Dodgers being a huge favorite. 

I thought about it. My wife has joked about it, but I know she was dead-ass serious. ‘Don’t even play.’ The only reason I would play is my teammates. I feel morally right all the way up until that point until someone on my team is like, ‘Bro, I’m playing, just play. You need to play. Honor your contract. Play. We’re trying to win.’ That’s the only thing that would be holding me back. Everything else, I would be fine with not playing.

The Dodgers’ reliever talked about this on the Bradfo Sho podcast this week, revealing that having his twins really made him take a step back.

I would be fine saying, ‘I’m not playing this year. I’m not risking it.’ You’ve got twins. You’ve got a 4-year-old. Who knows what the coronavirus entails in 50 years, what it will do to you. No one knows. So I could easily have been like, ‘I’m doing what is right for my family.’ But then I would get a text from DP (David Price) or Mookie (Betts) or any one of my teammates, any one of my fellow pitchers, any one of my fellow hitters and then I would feel bad. That’s the [expletive] part about it. That was the only thing I probably couldn’t live with.

As of now, Joe Kelly is expected to report to the Dodgers’ Spring Training camp by July 1st. But there are other guys on the team with young children or high-risk family members that could consider sitting this one out. One guy that comes to mind is A.J. Pollock

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  1. I think we’ve all thought about that. But I don’t want to let my workmates, our team down and leave them to deal with our patients alone.. We do what we have to do, and we do it well….

  2. Thats totally a workers choice work get paid dont work dont get paid .if he feels that strongly that he might get it thats up yo him and others lots of young players would love a chance just dont ask anyone to save you a spot next year. I have worked all thru this snd continue to do so

  3. Stay home Joe. It’s not worth it to you, your family or the people working the venue.

  4. By all means stay home. Half the time you can’t even throw a strike or have a clean inning

  5. I am a frontline worker and we all have to work for a check. Let’s get out there and play ball. No crying in baseball. Wash hands in between innings.

  6. That’s BS! You are getting paid millions to play a game!!! While the essential workers are out on the front lines making $8 – $15 an hour. I’m done with baseball, what a bunch of idiots!!

    1. Who let the broad in? Anyway, all you crybabies will be back next year just like football fans who cry about kneeling

  7. Hate to say it, but it’s reckless to have a baseball season . It’s not the actual playing on the field, it’s traveling and being in a clubhouse with a bunch of other people. You just can’t do that safely, especially with the virus exploding now. All the players should refuse to play until there’s a vaccine or a viable treatment.

    1. Bull. I haven’t changed anything since this bogus pandemic started and nothing has happened nor has anything happened to anyone I know or anyone they know. Bottom line if you’re unhealthy you’ll get sick, that’s it.

  8. Sounds pretty selfish to me. For my teammates – what about the fans who pay your salary. And more selfishness – you and your baseball buddies make me sick. In the midst of an unprecedented event on our PLANET you and your rich buddies refused to compromise one penny. All the sacrifices must be made by the owners who will lose MILLIONS. But oh no, you have to pay me my full (pro -rated) salary. I am not going to budge my selfish ass. You all disgust me.

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