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Dodgers: Joe Kelly Reacts to Suspension Issued to Aroldis Chapman

The Dodgers’ Joe Kelly is making his way back to the mound, but a few things stand in the way. One of those things standing in the way is a five-game suspension, which he earned by throwing at Astros hitters and inciting a benches-clearing incident.

On Sunday afternoon, Kelly was asked by Dodgers media about a similar situation in MLB that yielded different results. Aroldis Chapman intentionally threw at a Rays’ player and was only issued a 3-game suspension. For Kelly, that doesn’t sound quite right. 

It definitely looks kind of fishy for myself. I originally had thoughts on it when I saw the Chapman thing. The language they used against me is that I was the repeat offender…Chapman had the same exact thing but I’ve probably said a lot more words than Chapman said.  I don’t think the words I used to the people that make these positions were very nice when the appeal process went down…

Kelly did say that there needs to be a standard for it, and it should be explained by baseball. In his mind, the extra games he got would have had to be for the mocking faces he made at the Astros following the inning. Astros players came over to the Dodgers dugout as a result. 

I would still like to know what they think, what the difference is. And if it’s not the same then whats the standard for it. Because if its 8 games, then it’s 3 games for the suspension and 5 for making the face or supposedly for making the other team leave the benches. 

Whatever the case, MLB certainly needs to do a better job setting standards. Every situation is different, but this case was not that different. The Dodgers reliever is working his way back from shoulder inflammation that sat him down early in August. 

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  1. Manfred and the baseball hierarchy know they made a mistake with the Houston Asterisks investigation. Now they want to cover up their mistake by punishing anyone that reacts to their bad judgement.
    Manfred should resign or be fired. Several of his cronies at MLB central should go with him.
    I think they should hire a retired player to be commissioner in charge of baseball rather than old men without a clue.

  2. Houston should have had a bare minimum of lengthy suspensions for the players involved. I have always felt that. After all, they influenced the Series. Hmm. So did 8 players in 1919. They got kicked out of baseball for life.

  3. This was all about sending a message. That message was that MLB would protect the Asterisks from player retribution. MLB wants this all to go away so as not to draw attention to their handling of the scandal. They are wrong. Just wait until the fans start showing up to the games. May I suggest that the Dodgers play the pounding of trash cans over the loud speakers when the cheaters come to town.

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