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Dodgers: Joc Pederson May Be Away From the Team For a Few Days, Mookie Sits

The Dodgers lineup was noticeably absent of one name on Sunday afternoon. Facing off against a right-hand pitcher, Joc Pederson is usually expected to be in there. That was not the case against the Rockies today. 

When asked about why Joc was away from the lineup, Dave Roberts advised that it was a personal issue. Joc had to step away from the Dodgers with what is being described as a family issue. He could be away from the team for a few days, so they could potentially make a roster move this week as a result. 

Obviously family matters are private, so it’s not really clear at this point how long he will need to be gone. Joc has slotted into the lineup pretty often this season, usually when the Dodgers are facing off against right-handed pitching. 

The Dodgers could call up plenty of guys waiting at the alternate site if they need a bat to replace Pederson. Zack McKinstry could be a potential candidate for a call-up should the need arise, but there are more guys that could fill the spot. 

Sunday Notes

Mookie Betts was not in the lineup on Sunday. Dave Roberts called it “a day of rest.” Gavin Lux was in the leadoff spot for the first time this season.

Pedro Baez threw a simulated game on Sunday and faced the injured Justin Turner. He could return as early as this week but there is no official timeline for his return.

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  1. Hopefully Joc and his Family are Ok and nothing serious or life threatening is happening

    He could use some time to reset as he has been having some offensive issues lately, actually the entire year.

  2. Caleb Ferguson has given up HR in each of his last 3 games, that is a BP issue right now. Kemp wins game for Rockies and thus Dodgers lose their first series after 13 series wins this year.

    1. Azul, that was the first series we have lost!!!!! Tomorrow, we take on the lowly Snakes. Lets hope we do not have a letdown. All else in DodgerLand looks good, though Urias and May need some polishing up around the edges. Hope you and PD Jr. are enjoying this Labor Day. Go Blue!!!

  3. Some players hurt and recovering, others out for personal problems besides a bad move or two, and Lux= a lose. Like I said before, Lux hasn’t shown me anything. He may have been good last year or even where ever he was earlier this year and Roberts wants to give him time to get better but leadoff? Please, give me a break! He’s not doing very well at 2nd base either. Let’s get some guys up here that can play. And what happened to the small ball game? Everyone is trying for the home run again. You should know when you need a base hit and when you need a home run. Get it done, don’t take the game into your own hands just to be a hero.

  4. what happened to kenley jensens killer slider it used to brake great to the right

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