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Dodgers: Joe Kelly Reveals That Mookie Betts Has Been Helping Austin Barnes

Dodgers fans have the next 12 years to get to know everything about Mookie Betts and what makes him tick. But if you’re looking for someone that’s had a front row view for most of Mookie’s career, look no further than Joe Kelly.

The legend Joe Kelly played alongside Betts since being traded to the Red Sox at the 2014 trade deadline. Over the years, Kelly has learned a thing or two about his MVP teammate. One thing in particular Joe pointed out in a conversation with Dodger Talk host Dave Vassegh that Mookie thrives on seeing his teammates be successful.

Mookie thrives off other guys in the lineup performing. And not just hits. When Mookie sees guys take a ball that’s close to a strike and get a walk, that pumps him up.

The perfect type of person you want on your bench. If there is one thing Dodgers fans and even media folks have learned early about Betts is that he strongly prefers to talk about his team and teammates over himself. He lights up when he gets to talk about a big moment from Cody Bellinger or even Austin Barnes.

In fact, Joe Kelly tipped us on some conversations between Austin and Mookie.

So I know Austin Barnes going deep last night was huge. I know Barnesy and Mookie have been talking baseball — talking hitting particularly — and I know Mookie has been helping out Barnes on the side a little bit. I don’t want to put it all out there. … When Mookie sees success, it just makes him a little bit better.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen the offensive resurgence in Barnes over the last week. After hitting an all time low, the Dodger catcher has 7 hits in his last 13 at-bats, raising his average from .091 to .257. He even connected on his first home run since last June. Yes, June of 2019.

Surely you can’t blame it all on the Mookie, but you also cannot argue the results.

Joe Kelly Talks Houston Astros, Alex Cora, & Mookie Betts

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  1. Agree…What an asset Mookie has proven to be. He is an very elite ball player with 5 tool skills. His ability to communicate in the clubhouse and his interaction with teammates makes him an even better player.
    I always thought if Machado would have proven to be the type of positive influence and personality that Mookie is they would have signed him. But he failed the teammate test.
    Mookie ia a very intelligent man and a Great Teammate & Leader. No matter the cost he was a great pickup those type of people or players are very rare. .

  2. I’m glad someone is helping Barns, the batting/hitting coaches aren’t. Also sometimes you need to look at films about what you use to do.

  3. As a contrast, look at what San Diego has gotten from Machado for $300 mil, or whatever it was. Is there anyone who would not take Mookie over Harper or Rendon as well?

  4. The team looks great and there is no question that Betts has had a positive effect on most of his new team mates. But the starting pitching………….like Walker’s 5.21 ERA after four starts………..around here we are used to better results. We have always been lucky to have great starting pitching. The last couple of seasons we worried about our bullpen. This year I am worried about the starters. If we had to play a best out of three wild card series or a best out of seven world series our starters would be out matched. Yes, that could change before the playoffs get here. But right now I think a team with lesser overall baseball talent could take us out if they have a good starting staff.

  5. At first I was against giving such a large and long contract to a player as it will undoubtedly cause the dodgers to lose some future stars because of salary cap but I am firmly convinced that Mookie Betts is the best baseball player in the world and worth every penny. He affects the team in so many positive ways. His leadership is unparalleled, he is a cheerleader for his teammates and is always positive.

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