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Dodgers: Joe Kelly Talks Favorite Baseball Moment; Smoking MLB’s Lawyers

Joe Kelly has established himself as a man of many hats during his 10-year baseball career. He has won two World Series Championships. One title he won in 2018 against our Los Angeles Dodgers, and the other was of course in 2020, when he helped the Dodgers bring home a championship.

Personality Joe

Other than a flamethrowing reliever, Kelly’s colorful personality has long been a part of his reputation. Unfortunately, the first most memorable one was in a series that Dodger fans would rather forget. Kelly and former Dodger Scott Van Slyke had a hilarious standoff just before game 6 of the 2013 NLCS.

Van Slyke “won” this standoff. Unfortunately, that was the last thing the Dodgers would win that year. Still, Kelly’s sense of humor and personality was then branded into Dodger fans’ brains (plus a pitch branded into Hanley Ramirez’s rib, but whatever.)

I could share all the Kelly stories, but the only other one I’ll share before our story is this.

Joe Kelly, Attorney At Law

Recently, Kelly was asked his top three baseball moments. Two of them were absolutely shocking.

“They say they’re lawyers, and I’m a college dropout. If it was a fair court trial, my lawyer said I smoked them.”

Amazing. Kelly’s always been known for his passion and his fearlessness in a fight.

If we’re taking Kelly at his word (which I would be willing to) it sure sounds like he came in prepared in his deposition whereas MLB and its lawyers were not. It’s no stretch to imagine that MLB representatives and their lawyers were prepared for a meeting that was intended to be a formality. Mariachi Joe was ready for a fight.

The right-hander remains on the free agent market and should be ready to go for opening day after exiting last year’s NLCS with an injury.

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  1. Just like his Dodgers career, there is absolutely nothing in this article about the alleged lawyer beatdown. What exactly did he do for LA? Disappeared regularly when needed to pitch due to unspecified injury.

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