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Dodgers: Jon Morosi Talks Cody Bellinger’s Greatness On Jim Rome Show

Another day, another wise baseball mind paid to cover the game talking about what Cody Bellinger is doing for the Dodgers. Now, this should not bore any of you. In fact, you will be lucky to see something like this again in your lives.

Please think of this as Haley’s Comet on a baseball field. It is the lunar eclipse. Therefore, Jon Morosi joins The Jim Rome Show to attempt to put Belinger’s greatness in 2019 into perspective.

One of his opening comments really says it all, serving as the clip’s primary thesis.

“We are talking about one of the great seasons ever in the history of the game for a player his age and younger. And one could argue, a player at any age, at any time.”

Furthermore, here is Morosi’s tweet that Rome references to open the clip. Make sure you’re sitting down when you read this one – it’s a beauty!

Then, Morosi goes into what is as equally impressive as Bellinger’s stat-line. Simply put, it’s his manner; which everyone seems to like when things are going this well.

“The humility that he’s got is impressive. There was a game that we did on FOX that was rain delayed. And the game ended after midnight Eastern time, like 12:16 in the morning by the time the game ended. He stood on the field with me and waited through the entire commercial break to do an interview live with me. There are other players that may have waited for me, but that stood out to me. For a player to do that at the absolute peak of his powers right now.”

Indeed, the peak of his powers; when we are talking Bellinger 2019. If there is a guy on this earth that loves Bellinger more than I do, it’s possibly Morosi.

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The take-home message here is that the Dodgers have a player who is becoming a national superstar, and having a season for the history books all at once. Now, this might be a lot for certain guys to handle – but take into consideration that Morosi deals with a lot of MLB’s stars. Furthermore – if he’s impressed by how Bellinger handles himself – it’s worth noting.

Finally, the Dodgers organization and fan base might have lucked out in regards to Bellinger. While we all knew he was good, I don’t know if anyone knew he could be this good.

It’s fun to just sit back and watch as the national pundits weigh in and take notice.

Full interview

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  1. “If there is a guy on this earth that loves Bellinger more than I do, it’s possibly Morosi.”…..Hey Clint…………….Seriously? Morosi?……..Who was whining to you at the very beginning of the season when all people could talk about was Christian Yelich? (Grin!). Morosi wasn’t talking about Bellinger back then, I can assure you.

  2. We Dodgers fans (and others) are, in fact, witnessing “greatness in the making.” Cody Bellinger is special, plain and simple. I am sure that much of Bellinger’s graciousness is intrinsic, as well as attributable to impressive “home training.” Bellinger presents as grounded and I genuinely hope he holds onto that. The Dodgers have a strong foundation that is based on the contribution of many talented players. Cody Bellinger is our icing. Go CODY and Go DODGERS!!!

  3. Thank heavens we didn’t get Bryce Harper! He and his sub .250 batting average would be patrolling right field at D.S. as we speak. Friedman FINALLY got something right.

    1. Brad, I NEVER wanted Harper. So, like you, I agree Freidman got that one right. Bellinger was already awesome at first base, but right field seems to be his true spot. Admittedly, when Puig was traded I declared that we would live to regret it. As Bellinger has shown us, I was (thankfully) completely wrong.

  4. Get serious guys. Bellinger has had a great, maybe historic 2 month. Not a half season, not a season, but 2 month! This exact article has been written hundreds if times about hundreds of players. Enjoy it but don’t get stupid. This is a discussion for October not early June.

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