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Dodgers: CBS Sports Discusses More Reasons Why The Dodgers Are Baseball’s Best

Bill Reiter is a pundit for CBS Sports, and he’s bullish on the Los Angeles Dodgers. Moreover, Reiter talks about why the Dodgers are bludgeoning teams out of the gates in 2019; as opposed to their sputtering start of 2018.

First, he speaks towards the Dodgers ability to get runners across home plate in ‘high-leverage’ situations. For instance, did you know the Dodgers were first in baseball in RBI with runners on and two outs? Or second in the same category with two outs altogether?

This is a team with a killer instinct, and it’s showing up in the stats. Perhaps there is a reason to rank them higher in the power rankings than second.

Within the video, Reiter talks about the Dodgers’ ability to build around youth. That’s right – Reiter credits the embattled Andrew Friedman for coming in before 2015 and positioning the Dodgers to win for the long-haul.

While Reiter points towards the Dodgers youth core of Cody Bellinger, Corey Seager, Joc Pederson, and Max Muncy. Also, he gives mention to Walker Buehler and Julio Urias as young future aces. Therefore, he sees this Los Angeles team as a force to be reckoned with currently and in the seasons to come.

This Dodgers team is winning. They are the best team in baseball for my money. They are consistent, and they are built to do it for a very long time.

Without question – Reiter has a point – and it’s part of the story with the Dodgers that has been ongoing. It’s exciting every day to wake up and know you get to watch the Dodgers, the equivalent of a finely-oiled Tesla on a baseball field.

When you watch the other teams around baseball – that’s when you really are able to gain an appreciation for how good the Dodgers are – and how good they’re going to be for a while.

I’m serious, pick another team to watch sometime for a week or two. You will see what Reiter is talking about.

To watch or write about the Dodgers right now is living a charmed life. Things just don’t happen the way they’re happening in several facets for other teams in baseball, even some of the best.

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  1. This is definitely looking like the ’17 team. Hopefully they don’t regress like in that year. Friedman and the rest of the front office have built quite the team. I wonder how many of the negativos (I just made that up?) are now coming to Friedman’s side of thinking? The man certainly knows what he is doing.

    1. Hate to keep saying it but this is not really friedmans team. The ” youth core” is colletti, except for muncy. Urias is colletti. All Friedman can really take credit for is bueller, hill and maeda. Zero position players and of course he has been unable to solve the bullpen problem. How can you even think he has ” built quite the team?”

  2. I agree, this year feels like ’17…. only better. As a Dodgers fan, I am enjoying our current dominance and well-deserved recognition. Everybody is really playing in sync and not solely focused on long ball. Its great watching situational hitting happening on a consistent basis. Our guys look good, really good. Even my Cub loving father (we are originally from Chicago area) is giving our Dodgers “props.” As for Friedman….I will conservatively say that he has seemingly gotten some key things right. But we still have unfinished business (whatever that will be) with tightening up an improving bull pen……

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