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Dodgers: Julio Urías May Not Be Ready for His Game 4 Start

The Dodgers will need all of the help that they can get this week with their pitching staff. With Max Scherzer already dealing with a dead arm issue, chances are that there is no way he can go on short rest in Game 5. But that situation might be further complicated by Julio Urías.

Dave Roberts opted to use Julio in relief during Sunday’s loss. He came in and allowed 2 runs before the Braves walked it off in the 9th inning. But the Dodgers still were expecting him to be ready to start Game 4 after throwing 14 pitches in the relief outing. 

Unfortunately, the could be changing. Roberts met with Dodgers media on Monday afternoon and revealed there is a chance that Julio could be pushed to Game 4. That would mean that Los Angeles throws another bullpen game on Wednesday evening. 

Depending on how Julio feels today, still gotta win 2 of 3 at home to keep this things going. So whether it’s game 4 or game 5. 

Given that Julio has already eclipsed his most professional innings thrown by far in 2021, that’s less than ideal. His usage on Sunday also really doesn’t make any sense now that there is a chance he will not be ready. 

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But if the Dodgers were to lose on Tuesday and fall behind 3 games to 1, it seems almost impossible that he wouldn’t pitch in some capacity. Los Angeles playing with their backs against the wall would mean that it would be an all-hands-on-deck approach. 

A win on Tuesday might make the decision to rest him 1 more day easier for Doc. 

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  1. Clowns. You threw away game 2 trying to be cute and now you can’t afford to lose 2 at home or it’s over. Good job. All that had to be done was use a setup guy and closer and we win game 2.

    1. Well the outcome is most definitely correct, only problem is you only know that through the benefit of hindsight. There were so many defensive mistakes as well as offensive ones which would have changed the outcome. That’s baseball.

      1. 4-2 lead with 2 innings left. That’s all that matters, an easy W despite all that happened before

        1. Don, tell that to HOF Alston (RIP) who lost a 4-2 lead going into the top of the 9th at the Ravine against the Giants in an ELIMINATION GAME in 1962. At least this one wasn’t an elimination game.

  2. Well at least the Houston Cheaters are getting bi$ch slapped by the Red Sox. Guess not having any pitching and trying to bank on being able to out hit the other team isn’t the answer after-all. Guess pitching and defense really do matter (Paul1965 you watching?)

    1. D4life, is there just 1 post that you don’t answer? How do you find the time to moderate Every single reply? usually deflecting the blame from Drrrrrrrr to somewhere else.

        1. Ah youth is wasted on the young. I was young once too, but at least I was taught to respect my elders.

    2. Yes, pitching and defense do matter but if the offense stalls out like the Dodger offense has, then it won’t matter. You must hit in the clutch and still have to outscore the other team to win. And one cannot expect this pitching staff or any staff to limit the opponents to just 1 or 2 runs each night.

      1. Paul you are CORRECT. Our pitching has been good enough, hell we only gave up 7 runs total in the first 2 If one reflects or looks back, there have been no hitters thrown and the game lost with the most notable being Harvey Haddix who threw 12 perfect innings only to lose and our own Rich Hill who threw 9 no hit innings in Pittsburgh but lost 1 zip on a Harrison walk off HR in the 10th. 2 for 18 with runners in scoring position is the reason we have lost the first 2. Ain’t nobody going to win by scoring zero, Our hitters better wake the hell up and help the pitchers. That means some patience and some small ball. If we lose this series it is going to be the hitters that are going to have to look into a mirror to see who is at fault for losing, not our pitching staff. Now I am seeing that Julio might not be ready to go in game 4. THANKS A LOT ROBERTS!

  3. Game 3 will tell us a lot about how the rest of the series will go. Dodgers come out and mean business, or they come out flat. The crowd should help some IMHO.

      1. Kirk, both DRRRRR and the FO had a hand in these very questionable pitching decisions. We can talk about the defense but for the most part, we lost these 2 games with the Braves because the offense once again FAILED in the clutch.

      2. Leave him alone Kirk. He’s obviously got no life and no friends. Guessing his name is Harvey and he volunteered to be on the HOA board at his 55 and over retirement village.
        Or…….maybe HE’S Drrrrrrrrrrrr

  4. My God you’re just a Dodgers management a$$ kisser. Absolutely a clown just like Roberts.

  5. The problem with Dave Roberts is that he Over managed his players to a point that he don’t trust most of them. How can his players earned trust and respect from him?

    The first and second game with Atlanta their players were hungry to win @ all cost from pitching, defense and offense by putting the ball in play and running the base pads was unreal they play like the reining champions!

    LA Dodgers were out manage and out coach by Atlanta especially third base coach Ron Washington puts circles around Dino Ebel. Dino coaches to conservative on the base pads.

    LA Dodgers better get their Mojo Rising tomorrow and win these three games @ home if they want to get to the Big Dance!

  6. Don’t want to hear it and can’t excuse it. This not Monday morning quarterbacking; it’s Saturday pre-game prognostication. You need a minimum or 2 games at home and your 3 pitchers are lined up. Play like the best team with the best staff.

  7. I don’t know who made the call on Urias (or Scherzer), but one thing is crystal clear, and that is there so much talent, and so many changes are made during the game, deciding who plays in critical games/situations, is critical to game outcomes. When it was ‘Spahn and Sain, and pray for rain’, the manager had a simple decision because there was only a few choices, (and that goes not only for pitchers as there wasn’t a deep bench for position players either). Dave Robert’s decisions are crucial in these close one run ball games (like the last 2 games), and he is in the ‘lineup’ just like the other 9 guys. When this is over at the end of the season, his performance should be judged on the same basis as any other player, whatever the outcome.

    1. Can he win the close games? It is easy to manage those 9-3, or 13-4 blowouts. It is the close games that the team has failed to win. At one point this summer LAD had lost every extra inning game. The man making those critical desicions is the man who has worn the ‘horns’ for many of those games, not the guys pitching and hitting.

  8. I don’t see Ebel as a conservative third base coach. Probably not his call but how many of those go on contact plays with a runner on third have worked for us this season? He makes reasonable choices given our abysmal performance with RISP.

    Using Max in game 5 with the Giants was a reasonable choice, using Julio in game 2 was not. Simple as that. Now we are looking at a bullpen game, AGAIN! We had lots of choices other than Julio.

    Of course it really doesn’t matter if the offense doesn’t show up. It’s lookin like the race to the finish has taken it’s toll. These guys are tired..can’t afford that mindset.

  9. I’m sticking with my view that bringing in Urias was not to good idea. However, I just can’t help but wonder how different the narrative would have been had he shut the lights out in Georgia? Monday morning quarterbacking sure is nice…no dead arm eh?

    1. We had a setup guy and closer ready with a 4-2 lead. It made absolutely no sense to use your game 4 starter in that spot. It’s not hindsight, anyone with a brain could see that was stupid, unnecessary, and risky before anything bad even happened

    1. What I would like to know is, what happened to the lefty reliever Gonzalez? He’s one of those pitchers that Roberts didn’t trust anymore and that’s why he made the DUMB decision to bring Urias to relieve!!!
      Roberts should trust his pitchers more instead of lying about how good they are!!!

  10. you’d have to fire the entire Front Office, Roberts and all his coaches if you want someone to hang for using Urias as a reliever. Does anyone read anymore? The deicison was made at all levels of the org – doc was very clear. and they got buy-in from everyone on the team, including Julio.

    Having said that, I think they made the wrong move using Julio early in the series when we had several top relievers ready. The comments from Max S dead arm and Julio may not be ready are not good.

    Despite all that, I think the Dodgers figure it out and win this series in 7 games.

    1. Joe, totally agree. Alex Cora tried to bring in his Ace Starter Nathan Eovaldi in the 9th in a tied game and it blew up in his face too. Using starters to close is a bad idea. It’s a completely different mindset! Dodgers have the greatest bullpen in the history of the game IMHO. USE THEM!

  11. The minute I saw Urias warming up, I got nervous. We saw late in the regular season that his fast ball was losing velocity due to the heavy pitching load. I don’t understand why Graterol wasn’t used instead. As for the hitting, 2 for 18 RISP is not championship material. In particular, what’s doing with both Turners? Big zeroes post season.

    1. Abe,
      As you can see, Roberts only use Graterol in some spots where he hopes Graterol will get guys out like in the bottom of their lineup so that’s probably why Roberts felt Urias would be a better choice but Urias is a starter this season, not a reliever and that was a really DUMB move by Roberts!!! Let’s hope that whoever pitches tonight can do a good job but JT and Trea have to start hitting and please do not use Lux in centerfield again!!!!

  12. Dodgers have unraveled in this 3rd game after a costly error by Lux, Buehler imploded and relieved, Dodgers offense leaving too many runners on base. Dodgers relievers are now in full use; jeopardizing a bullpen game tomorrow since Urias might not pitch until Wednesday (if they even get there). It’s now 5-2 Braves top of the 6th. I’m amazed Roberts have not benched Lux, putting Beaty to play 1st base and Belli at centerfield. This all looks bad right now.

  13. Here’s a few records we should be proud of MOST injured pitchers by a Dodger team ever, and MOST Tommy John surgeries by a Dodger team in one season. Thanks for being abusive Dopey Dave. If this were a relationship, you’d be arrested! You are the worst!!!!!!!

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