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Dodgers: Julio Urias, Stan Kasten Issue Statements on Suspension

On Saturday, Dodgers left-handed pitcher Julio Urias was suspended by Major League Baseball for a domestic violence arrest in May. Read more about the 20 game suspension here.

Now, the 23 year-old has issued a statement about the situation through the players association.

Today I accepted a suspension from Major League Baseball and agreed not to exercise my right to appeal. It is important to me not to create uncertainty for my teammates as we approach the playoffs. Accepting the suspension is the best path to achieve that goal.

Since May, I have been fully cooperating with both law enforcement and MLB. Although the authorities determined no charges of any kind were warranted, I accept full responsibility for what I believe was my inappropriate conduct during the incident. Even in this instance where there was no injury or history of violence, I understand and agree that Major League players should be held to a higher standard. I hold myself to a higher standard as well. I have taken proactive steps to help grow as a person on and off the field, and in my relationships, including attending counseling sessions.

I am deeply grateful for all the support I’ve received during this challenging time. I look forward to proving it is well deserved.

Dodgers president and CEO Stan Kasten said that the organization were unaware that MLB was continuing its investigation, and did not find out that Urias would be suspended until Friday evening.

More from Kasten.

We take this very seriously. In the last couple of years, we’ve had a lot of training in camp about these kinds of matters. That’s why we’re comfortable with the program.

At the same time, we support Julio’s effort to learn from this. Doc [manager Dave Roberts] and Andrew [president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman] and I met with Julio after last night’s game. He said all the right things to us. I believe he said it with great sincerity. He understands the gravity of things like this. He’s going to work hard to move forward. We hope so and if that’s how he feels, we will do everything to support him as I think anyone would expect us to.

Major League Baseball and the union are working together to root things like this out. Today was a step that had to be taken. I think continuing education is a really important part of what the program is. Not just to understand the rules, but how to conduct yourself in general.

While there is obvious disappointment, the fact that Kasten, Friedman, and the rest of the organization are behind Urias is telling of their belief that the lefty is truly full of regret, and ready to learn to be a better person.

Moreover, the club fully intends on welcoming him back to the active roster after his suspension is served.

5 of the 20 games were already served in May during Julio’s initial placement on administrative leave .

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  1. We don’t know what hsppened. Did he smack her? Was she being snarky and he pushed her? Were they both drunk? We should mot jump to any conclusions.

  2. I can’t agree with my unknown relative that commented earlier but I question the decision based on what hasn’t happened. When the DA’s office refused said there was nothing to prosecute there was no outcry from the “witnesss”. What happened to all these “witnesses”? In LA everyone has a smart phone and recored everything and yet no video surfaced. I believe TMZ pays these types of videos and most people want their 15 minutes but nothing came out. I think MLB is just being politically correct.

    But it will limit his innings for the playoffs.

  3. Bad behavior has to have a consequence. We do not true Ku know what happened and it’s not our business to know. Something happened between them, not a legal matter but something happened so it’s something to be addressed by him. If this is his consequence then so be it I hope he and many other both men and women, learn from this matter. I personally think the amount of games is a bit much i could agree with half the sentence and yea without pay. Sports stars have to have a higher standard there are so many young eyes looking up to them. I wish him well and hope that this is a humbling experience for him and his loved ones.

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