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Dodgers: Justin Turner Admits Former Teammate Was a Big Factor in Signing with Sox

A connection automatically gets built when you end up with the Dodgers. Just by looking at guys like Justin Turner and Kike Hernandez, teammates who were a part of the 2020 World Series team together and a pair of guys fans love, it’s easy to see why Turner ended up with the Red Sox.

With the Dodgers and Turner not being able to come up with an agreement on time, Turner ultimately had to decide how he wanted to go about his playing career. What’s a better way to continue your career than with someone you went through trial and fire with?

Following the 2020 World Series, Hernandez agreed to a two-year deal with the Red Sox. As if following suit with Hernandez, Turner signed a two-year deal this off-season with Boston.

Turner would have loved to spend the rest of his playing days with the Dodgers, but admittedly he chose the Red Sox not only because they were ready with an offer but Hernandez was also a driving factor to bring him in.

It’s hard to find a similar bond that the two share with both having been with the Dodgers since 2015 and playing in three World Series together. They hope to find the same spark again with the Red Sox while both players are nearing the end of their careers.

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  1. Justin and Kiki are great teammates. I hate to see them together in Boston. Red Sox fans are whiners. Still, I wish them well. Turner needs to drive pop-ups over the “green monster.” Beat the Trashtros and Yankees!!!

  2. Don’t forget that Justin’s relationship with Kenley likely helped sway him also. Can start calling Boston the Blue Socks with all the ex Dodgers there.

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