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Dodgers: Justin Turner Can’t Explain the Magic Behind Albert Pujols’ Shared Bat

It’s not uncommon for players on a team to use another guys’ bat. That’s especially true whenever a player is mired in a slump. Dodgers fans have seen it happen often over the years, and it’s happening a lot this week. 

We’ve seen a few different Dodgers players walk to the plate using Albert Pujols’ bat. It first got noticed when Justin Turner used it and hit a big homerun over the weekend. But that appears to be just the start of sharing the legends’ bat. 

Max Muncy was also spotted on the broadcast during last night’s game using Albert’s bat. What happened after that? He launched one deep to right-center field to extend the Dodgers lead. When asked about the magic of his bat after the game, JT couldn’t give an answer. 

I have no idea and I don’t care to know. I just am going to keep using it because it feels good. 

So while the Dodgers can’t exactly explain why it’s working, you can expect to see them using Albert’s bat again. It’s tough to know how often they’re using it without the broadcast pointing it out, but JT has been on a bit of a hot streak since he was seen using it on Sunday. 

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At this rate, Albert’s going to have to get a bat for everyone in the lineup. 

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    1. yup!!! There is magic in the air. The team is getting everyone healthy and coming together to finish the season with 100+ wins. 3 cy young candidates, all 5 starters, everything is coming together. Not a problem if we have the WC game at home Oct 6. So thankful tio’s bat is getting the hitters going!!

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