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Dodgers: Justin Turner Doesn’t Want Any Fake Accolades Awarded To Los Angeles

On Saturday at Dodgers’ Fanfest, Los Angeles Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner was amongst the more outspoken Dodgers.

Of course when I say that, you know I mean him speaking about the subject of the Houston Astros’ sign-stealing scandal. While Turner was happy to weigh in on other subjects, the best meat of this segment was about his deep feelings on the unfortunate scandal. Check out the video below, and read on for some great quotes from the heart and soul of the organization.

First, Turner starts out with the kind of quote you hope to hear from every leader.

“My expectations for 2020 are the same as every year. To win every single game that we can, win the division, make it to the playoffs, and win a World Series.”

Next, Turner was asked if he’s angry to learn that the Astros were cheating during that epic 2017 World Series that was rigged from the start.

“Angry, I don’t know if it’s the right word. That was a tough World Series to swallow. After game seven – something that I said afterwards – was that we will never forget this World Series. The more and more stuff that comes out just kind of re-hashes exactly that.”

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Moreover, Turner was asked about the apology that former Astros’ pitcher Dallas Keuchel just issued on Friday. His answer was quite perfect.

“Well Dallas Keuchel didn’t hit, so I don’t really know why he was the one apologizing. He’s the first one that has mentioned anything I guess, so I guess good for him.”

Finally, this quote kind of hits you in your soul if you love the Dodgers. It’s reading something like this that really rocks you at your core, feeling the pain that players like Turner feel for being robbed of something that have worked their entire lives for.

“No one has apologized to me, I haven’t talked to me. It’s tough. Obviously MLB did their investigations, and they found enough evidence to support three managers losing their jobs. Obviously there was something there that crossed a line and MLB did what they had to do. I think the tough part is we know how hard it is to win a World Series, from getting there back-to-back years and not being successful. We know that it’s something you really have to earn. And with the evidence and the commissioner’s report, it’s hard to feel like they earned it. It’s hard to believe they earned the right to be called champions, which is something that everyone in this game strives for.”

Turner’s responses were obviously ones that were very heartfelt, which makes him a great listen. Hopefully the Dodgers can write a happy ending to all this. How great would that be after knowing they came so close in 2017 only to be knocked off by such shenanigans?

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