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Dodgers’ Justin Turner Ejected For Arguing With Umpire

Tensions have been especially high between players and umpires as of late, especially after Ian Kinsler’s comments about Angel Hernandez. It seems as if players have to walk on egg shells nowadays to avoid being ejected.

In Wednesday night’s game, Justin Turner was not happy with a called strike 3 and let the home plate umpire know. All seemed well with Justin Turner making it all the way back to the dugout, but then he was tossed.

As you can see from the video, the ball is clearly out of the strike zone. Justin Turner had every right to be upset with the call.

What is just as concerning is the timing of this absurd ejection. The score was tied at 1 in the bottom of the 6th, and the umpire decided that it was best to just get rid of arguably the best player on the Dodgers. All because he heard comments coming from the dugout that may very well not have even been from Turner.

What do you think about this ejection and the current relationship between players and umpires? Let us know in the comments below!

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Alex Perez

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  1. Angel Hernandez has been terribly inconsistent for a long time. I don’t care how big or small a Umpire wants to call a strike zone it needs to be a lot more consistent than Angel. Ian Kinsler is correct, he ruins games. The batter needs to know what he can and cannot take. A pitcher needs to know where he has to put it.

  2. I’d like to know why Roberts continues to change the lineup EVERY NIGHT?!! He’s screwed up the chemistry of this team!
    I can tell you the first 5 hitters in the lineup of the Dodgers back in the 70’s and early 80’s. Larsorda made a lineup and stuck with it!
    1. Davey Lopes
    2. Bill Russell
    3. Dusty Baker
    4. Steve Garvey
    5. Ron Cey
    Stop messing with the lineup!!!
    Just look at other teams, they have a consistent lineup!

  3. time for someone to toss out Granderson, who has been a bust and no doubt
    casts shadows in LA club house, leaving many disgusted, and feeling betrayed
    by Roberts. How can Roberts and management even begin to justify playing
    Granderson daily as he hits what now…0.90? This talented group was playing
    well, and loose, until Granderson arrived and changed everything. Just look
    at the players, all with a grimace instead of enjoyment……You can say whatever
    you want, but once the disease sets into the clubhouse, you have more troubles
    than just losing games. ROBERTS shows NO mid game intelligence at all,
    like he has lost all “control” – can’t make simple on field baseball decisions, perfect
    example the other night, score tied 1-1 in the home 9th lead man gets on,
    Granderson up – hitting 0.90 and doesn’t have him bunt him over, with Turner
    up next, and Bellinger in the hole…..naturally, horrid Granderson hits into a DP
    and thats that. Simple, easy decision, but nope, and another loss. Looking at that
    talent and team, NO WAY YOU LOSE 12 of 13 – ROBERTS IS THE PROBLEM
    you can’t keep changing the batting order to accommodate Granderson.
    DODGERS WERE NEAR PERFECT, but i think we all can guess that ROBERTS
    does not believe in – IF IT AIN’T BROKE DON’T FIX IT…..cut Granderson NOW
    and send a message to the REAL DODGERS that Roberts does after all, have
    their back, and things will straighten out. HERNANDEZ should have been at SS
    with Taylor back in the OF where he belongs. Hard to watch them play and I
    have been watching them since 1959

  4. The technology is there. If they don’t want to use it, how about making home plate international orange? Then maybe the blind b’s can see if the white ball crosses it!

  5. I can’t wait until technology rids us of umpires. They have an obsessive need to rule. In this case I wonder if this dippy one is holding a previous grudge or has more devious reasons than that

  6. Today most umpires are a bunch of light weights unlike umpires from the good ole days where they had tougher skin. West is the only one left that has tough skin, I long for the days of Dutch Rennert and Jerry Wendalstat. Plus it would help if the friggin’ umps would get an obvious ball or strike right. Even though I don’t like the possibility of robots taking place of umps I would have to say it is rather intriguing. Although the only real solution is for the umpires to get their head out of their ASS.

  7. Maybe whoever was responsible for getting Turner ejected should, one, come forward and take responsibility for the ejection. Two, keep their pie closed

  8. The umpires need to stop throwing tantrums! It’s a game! Don’t take the world so seriously!!!!!!!!

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