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Dodgers: Justin Turner Honored to Represent LA in All-Star Game

The defending World Series champion Los Angeles Dodgers didn’t have a single player voted in as a starter in the 2021 MLB All-Star Game. A team with the third-best record in all of baseball. Understandably, there was some emotion in the clubhouse over the perceived slight.

Since the initial rosters dropped, however — and with other drops and additions — the Dodgers are up to 5 players on the NL roster for Tuesday’s midsummer classic. In a recent pregame interview, Justin Turner talked about so few Dodger players on the initial All-Star Game roster.

“Obviously not having anyone (starting) was disappointing to everyone in the room, but now that it’s still shaking out, at least five guys going. I think is a good representation of the team that we have in here.”

The now two-time All-Star also talked about what it means for him and these guys to be representing LA.

“I think the pride thing is huge. Being able to go and represent the National League, represent the Dodgers as an All-Star is amazing, honestly. You look at the history of this organization, all the great players that come through, to be able to wear a Dodger uniform and participate in the All-Star Game is something that’s pretty special.”

Of course, this isn’t JT’s first rodeo. He made the roster in 2017 as part of the Final Vote push. He still looks back fondly on that week.

“Just enjoying the time with the other guys in the room and just soaking it all in. I think that was probably the best part of it last time, was getting the opportunity to sit down, talk, hang around the cage and have conversations with different guys about different things. You really kind of get to know a different side of the guy other than seeing him in the other dugout or other batter’s box.”

Justin will join two-time All-Stars Max Muncy and Walker Buehler, and first-timer Chris Taylor at the 91st edition of the exhibition. Four-time (now five-time) All-Star Mookie Betts opted out of the game, citing nagging injuries. Dave Roberts said that he will have Muncy in the lineup as the starting designated hitter on Tuesday, a consolation prize for zero starters being voted in by fans.

“I think every year,” Turner added, “every opportunity is a little different. I think it’s certainly pretty cool to be an All-Star at 36. Right now I’m just trying to enjoy it, be in the moment and get ready for it. I think down the road, when I’m done playing, look back and reflect on it, it will probably be even more special.”

For Dodger fans, JT being an All-Star is a no-brainer and we can’t wait to see the boys in blue at this years’ All-Star game.

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  1. Justine Turner is a Dodger All Star wearing his and one of my favorite players number,Gary Sheffield!

  2. JT is batting 306 with an 894 OPS. He deserves to be an all star. He’s earned it. Still can’t believe how long it took the Dodgers to re-sign him last off-season.

    1. At 37 yrs. old, he was too expensive to be a DH only, which the National League does not have. He’s aging ,slow, and a liability on the field…. that was the knock on him although his bat was his asset he’s still not considered a solid 3rd hitter for the salary he was asking for.

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