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Dodgers: Justin Turner is Not Happy With the Commissioner

It’s no secret that players across baseball have been unhappy with the Astros’ cheating scandal. The Dodgers have certainly not been an exception to that. Los Angeles players have become increasingly vocal about their displeasure with the entire situation, and Justin Turner turned to the media to voice his own concerns.

Turner was responding to the press conference Manfred held on Sunday to address the cheating scandal and how it was handled. He obviously did not agree with the commissioner’s sentiment that since there was no precedent, that he could not punish them as harshly as many people wanted.

Turner went on to tear down Manfred’s excuses literally one by one.

Listening to the commissioner’s interview yesterday talking about precedent, talking about there’s never been a precedent — that’s because it’s never happened before. It’s the first time in the game to my knowledge that this happened and he just set the precedent. He set a weak precedent.

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In the press conference, Manfred downplayed the importance of taking away the World Series’ trophy from the Astros. In fact, he referred to the trophy as a piece of metal, which Turner was really unhappy about. Especially considering it was essentially stolen from the Dodgers in 2017.

I don’t know if the commissioner has won anything in his life. Maybe he hasn’t. But the reason every guy in this room is working out all offseason and showing up to camp early and putting in all the time and effort is specifically for that trophy — which is, by the way, called the Commissioner’s Trophy. For him to devalue it, the way he did yesterday just tells me how out of touch he is with the players in this game. At this point, the only thing devaluing that trophy is that it says ‘Commissioner’ on it.

Talk about going off. This whole situation seems to be getting worse by the minute, and it could not come at a worse time. Baseball’s collective bargaining agreement is set to expire after the 2021 season, and there are clearly issues in baseball.

Predicting a strike at this stage might be jumping the gun, but it’s not hard to read between the lines on where players stand right now.

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  1. Way to speak out…I think Congress needs to get involved like they did with the Roids…then let’s see what these lying Yoyo’s have to say…

    1. Hello there Kingmanoflodi, Whether the Commissioner knows this or not, he just caused this situation to get very ugly when games begin to be played. And if Manfred thinks that suspensions of any player for some retaliation won’t be met with a filing by the Player’s Assoc. with a grievance then he truly is clueless.

    2. Congress has no business being involved in private enterprise. There is a simple fix, Commissioner Manfred needs to grow a pair and do what should have been done all along. VACATE THE ASTROS CHAMPIONSHIP IN 2017, MAYBE EVEN THE RED SOX CHAMPIONSHIP In 2019 IF ALEX CORA WAS RUNNING THE SAME SCAM THERE AS WITH THE ASTROS. Just wacking the players on the wrists will not do. Also saying it doesn’t compare to ban of Pete Rose is a farce. I guarantee that is Faith Vincent or Bart Giamatti are in charge of MLB, The trophies would be recalled and the titles vacated, and that would be by two of the weakest commissioner the league has ever had. I thought Bud Selig was weak but the way Rob Manfred has pussyfooted around this whole thing makes Selig look like a candidate for Mount Rushmore. Manfred just wants to be a spokesman. Put someone with some morale fiber in charge and let the fur fly!

  2. That’s right Congress needs to get involved like they did with FIFA (soccer) and a lot of corrupted top dogs went to jail.This way they can removed Manfred and suspend all Astros and redsox if found guilty.Life suspension.

  3. Manfred: “since there was no precedent, that he could not punish them as harshly as many people wanted”…

    As JT said, “He set a weak precedent”.

    Isn’t it the job of the Commish to make sure stuff like this doesn’t happen? He had a chance to set a new precedent and instead he slapped them on the wrist. No lesson learned whatsoever. Man (Commish) is a clown

  4. I think they should strike if nothing happens especially since he’s not allowing players to retaliate

    1. Hey Don, I basically am saying similar things but I get that moderation. I should be able to tell it like it is and I am not using any profanities but simply saying that the Astros were caught red handed and are cheaters and Manfred did really nothing to resolve what is becoming a bigger mess every day.

      1. Very true, Azul !!!! If I were Manfred, I would suspend the Astros from post-season play for five years; put an asterisk into the record books; take back Altuve’s MVP trophy, et. And, that’s for starters. This scandal is a disgrace, and tarnishes the game for all of us purists who cherish and respect the game, and for children who look to some of these fools as “role models”.
        Tell PD Jr., I said hello. Go Blue!!!!

        1. BLUE LOU! I will say hello for you to PD Jr. It’s truly amazing how that Correa believes everything the Astros did was on the up and up so to speak. But this will get ugly beginning with ST games before it gets better. And if Manfred suspends any pitcher for allegedly throwing at an Astro player don’t think for a minute that the Player’s Association would not file a grievance. Why should any player receive formal punishment when Manfred basically let the Astro players off ‘scott free”

        2. I agree with you BLUE LOU totally but expressing a viewpoint apparently is not acceptable as my reply to you is awaiting moderation, I don’t understand what is wrong with believing and being honest about my reactions to this who scenario with Astros.

          1. Hey Paul hope you’re doing well. There seems to be no consistency in what gets moderated and what passes through. Try to just be persistent eventually you may not have that issue, that was my experience

          2. Paul my response to you is awaiting moderation hopefully It shows up by tomorrow lol

  5. I really wish JT and the rest of the Dodgers would stop talking about 2017, however his comments on the commissioner were well said!

    1. Agree with Tim. Let’s play ball already and focus on bring a championship to LA. BTW: if you think the Commissioner is going to control retaliation, I have some property in Istanbul to sell you. Retaliate the right way with a fast ball in the leg and be done with it. No mass hangings or lifetime bans, no blood or guts. Let’s play ball and have a good time.

  6. So let’s see…Pete Rose bet on baseball and was banned for life. The Astros cheated in the World Series and got a slap on the wrist because there was no precedent. Commissioner Manfred you need to set an example and release the ban on Pete Rose.

  7. What a joke, should definitely be stripped of the World Series Trophy. What an advantage knowing what pitch is coming. Steroid era, at least they had to hit the pitch. What Pete Rose did looks pretty lame compared to this.. I hope opposing teams play bean ball all season with this guys. World Champs my ass!

  8. This is the same as the black sox, they should have taken their awards, band them from post season for 5yrs, made them keep their mgrs but suspended them. And find the organization 50m per year for 5yrs.
    They sent the message that if you cheat you can still win.
    That being so, reinstate Rose, Bonds and the others belong in the hall also.

  9. Keep talking and criticizing the gutless commissioner until justice is done – the cheaters are stripped of their false trophy!

  10. Baseball fans must step up and protest this behavior . Manfred must step down. I, for one, will not let this go. Absolutely no consequences for the players is unacceptable.

  11. This is so easy to fix. Vacate the title for 2017 and make them return the rings. Everyday that a player does not give the ring back will equal a post season game suspension.

    Manfred seems to have some kind of unholy alliance with Crane. How are the other 29 owners allowing this?

  12. JT rocks. This is Turner’s team. With all due respect to Kershaw, JT is the unofficial (why not make it official?) captain of this team. He is also an easy going guy. I’ve never heard him say anything negative or self serving. He has character and integrity. I’m glad he has spoken out. His voice carries alot of weight.

  13. I cheer all you followers of Baseball for some great comments. Many of these things should be done. It’s only comen sense that there should have been some kind of punishment other than a slap on the wrist. I said it before and I say again, what should be done is take any and all World Series monies from both 2017 & 2019 teams and players, also take the Title & Trophies away from both teams. Tho the other teams should get the monies and trophies there may be some backlash on that and I would suggest to put them in Cooperstown or something like that. And put a huge asterisk next to the Astros & RedSox teams on the series. I personally will call the Texas team the Houston Asterisk. Some of these guys admitted that the teams were cheating, others just plain lied through their teeth. The team owner in some roundabout way said they cheated. the commissioner says these cheaters have paid the price, they feel bad about it and that should be enough punishment. Welll Golly willeckers Johnny that ain’t no punishment at all by golly. Lastly, if all that is done then the commissioner should step down or be removed. Then we’ll be able to have a better Baseball season without too much of a grudge.

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