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Dodgers: Justin Turner Leaves Game With Lower Body Injury

It’s never a good thing when a player has to leave a close game with an injury. It’s really not good when it’s a leader like Justin Turner. But that is exactly what happened to the Dodgers in the middle of a tie game in Texas tonight.

Turner drove in the tying run for the Dodgers in the 7th inning. A few pitches later, he stole second base with ease. On the replay though, he can be seen pulling up with what appears to be some sort of lower-body cramp. The medical staff came on with Dave Roberts and removed JT from the game.

Turner had previously been robbed of a homerun in the game but drove in the tying run in the 7th inning. The Dodgers have not yet provided an update on his status, but that will be coming shortly. 

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  1. At least (maybe) there is hope yet as far as Roberts is concerned. He might of learned something by not pulling Rios with what looks like same type in injury. Then again it is Roberts snf not much hope he’ll remember down the line.

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